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1811 High Performance Wood Shaft Green Sneaky Pete Cue

1811 High Performance Wood Shaft Green Sneaky Pete Cue
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1811 Green Sneaky Pete pool cue with your choice of High-Performance Wood Shaft. Choose from the many top brands of High-Performance Wood Shafts for your new 1811 pool cue. 1811 cues feature a Maple forearm with 4 Rosewood outlined in green design points. These cues are made from top-quality Hard Maple and come with Uni-Loc quick-release joint. Choose from a variety of state of the art High-Performance Wood Shafts to match your style of play.

Product ID : 1811SP4B-WoodG
Product ID: 1811SP4B-WoodG
Default Tip: Poison Sarin Tip
Cue Type: Play Cue
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Beauty Ring: Black Collar
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Taper
Joint Collar: Implex

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Poison Venom2 Low Deflection Cue Shaft
Engineered by the Predator Group, The Poison Venom2 Cue shaft is the best low deflection shaft at the best price. Poison's exclusive Double Density (DD) Technology™ uses two different densities of material within a single shaft for optimum stiffness and playability. A one-piece Maple shaft with foam in the bore. This, combined with a ferrule that's shorter than most, keeps the front end light. Your cue gets out of the cue ball's way with a quickness, which reduces cue ball deflection and improves accuracy when you shoot with English. Hands down, Venom has better accuracy and playability than any other shaft in its class.

Purex HXT
The Purex HXT low deflection cue shaft drastically reduces cue ball deflection and carries a lifetime warranty even against warpage. The HXT comes standard with the Kamui Black Soft Tip for superior grip, spin, and durability. Featuring the HXT high-tech low deflection ferrule with a special lightweight polymer core and an implex joint collar.

Lucasi Hybrid Shaft
EThe Lucasi Hybrid Cue Shaft features the Zero Flexpoint Low Deflection technology shaft with a 10-piece radial TSC construction. Equipped with a Kamui Pro Soft Tip for maximum control and consistency and dead-on accuracy. Professional Pro Taper with an implex joint collar

OB Phoenix Torrified Wood Shat
The Phoenix Torrified AA Grade Hard Maple cue shaft features Torrified wood construction. Torrified wood will neither swell up during humid summer months nor dry out due to dry winter air.
Phoenix cue shafts have been heat-treated or roasted until it has nearly no internal moisture, reducing the shaft's weight, thereby reducing cue ball deflection. Once the wood has been dried thoroughly in the process, it will not absorb moisture as its structure has been altered. OB cue shafts are proudly manufactured in Texas in the USA.

Predator Z-3 Cue Shaft
Reloaded with new technology. The third generation of Predator’s world-renowned low deflection shafts features a new front end construction, stronger high-tech materials, and even better game-changing performance. The Predator Z-3 pool cue shaft is Predator Cues thinnest shaft with its 11.85 mm tip diameter. It allows for pin-point tip placement and has the lowest deflection among wooden pool cue shaft. It is our most accurate spliced Maple shaft and will give you extra spin with less effort.

V-Tek Construction
V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing
iMatch 10-Piece splice construction
Conical-Hybrid Taper
Premium Predator 8 layer Victory Tip
Predator was awarded a patent for its innovative Vault Plate front-end construction: Patent # US9814963B2.

Predator Z-3 S-Tuned
Features all the benefits of the Predator Z-3 shaft but with an advantage of the standard Conical Hybrid taper being modified by our specialist to that of the popular pro taper. This provides the user with a longer pro-style taper as available on the Predator 314-3 shafts with a consistent taper through the bridge hand with a smaller tip diameter (11.85mm) offered by the Z-3.

Predator 314-3 
Predator Cues most versatile and forgiving spliced shaft.

The Predator 314-3 low deflection pool cue shaft has been the reference and the best pool cue shaft since its original launch of the 314 shafts in 1994. It is Predator Cues most forgiving spliced Maple shaft and will help you improve your game.

The 314-3 low deflection shaft is the all-around athlete. With its Pro taper, the 314-3 is also the preferred taper and diameter of countless champions and it is even more accurate than before. It is the best choice if you play multiple disciplines and you want a versatile tool kit in your cue bag. In terms of feel, it is stiffer than a Z-3, but not as stiff as Vantage.

  • V-Tek Construction
  • V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing
  • iMatch 10-Piece splice construction
  • Pro Taper
  • Premium Predator 8 layer Victory Tip

Predator was awarded a patent for its innovative Vault Plate front-end construction: Patent # US9814963B2.

Predator Vantage

Designed and developed for players seeking increased shaft stiffness and velocity in spliced-maple shaft construction. Packed with Predator’s proven accuracy and control, Vantage shafts feature the Pro V taper and have the lowest front-end mass of the entire Predator spliced maple shaft line-up, making them especially powerful.

The Predator Vantage 12.9 mm low deflection pool cue shaft is Predator Cues thickest and most powerful spliced Maple shaft. It will give you more power along with more forgiveness to help you improve your game.

  • V-Tek Construction
  • V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing
  • iMatch 10-Piece splice construction
  • ProV Taper
  • Premium Predator 8 layer Victory Tip

Predator was awarded a patent for its innovative Vault Plate front-end construction: Patent # US9814963B2.

Tiger X Shaft
Selected 5A grade quality Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Solid 5X patented construction for radial consistency and power. Creative flex and balance points for pinpoint accuracy, best feedback and feel. It gives you better cue ball control compared to other low deflection shafts made in the world today. Added special front end tendon and ferrule technology help to minimize deflection. Using the best materials in the world gives you the most durable, cleanest looking shafts and ferrules in the world.

The X shaft offers normal deflection as most Maple shafts do, however with much better performance and accuracy. It gives the player radial consistency, solid hit, and feel with added power. It would be the best choice for those who prefer to use masse shots when and opportunity allows. It takes everything a normal shaft can offer and does it much better and more consistent. This shaft has a 13.00 mm tip size 15” pro taper and ½” Saber-T ferrule and Sniper laminated tip.


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