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1811 Carbon Fiber Shaft Green Sneaky Pete Cue

1811 Carbon Fiber Shaft Green Sneaky Pete Cue
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1811 Green Sneaky Pete pool cue with your choice of Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft. Choose from the many top brands of Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts for your new 1811 pool cue.1811 cues feature a Maple forearm with 4 Rosewood outlined in green design points. These cues are made from top-quality Hard Maple and come with Uni-Loc quick-release joint. Choose from a variety of state of the art Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts to match your style of play.
PRICE: $598.00 $499.00

Product ID : 1811SP4B-CarbonG
Product ID: 1811SP4B-CarbonG
Default Tip: Sniper
Cue Type: Play Cue
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Beauty Ring: Black Collar
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Implex

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Cuetec Cynergy Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft
Proudly introducing the all-new Cuetec Cynergy Carbon Composite Shafts. Designed and developed with the input and direction of five-time U.S. Open Champion, Shane Van Boening, Cynergy Shafts are engineered for world-class performance. Constructed with a unique pattern of spun 15K carbon fiber tow, reinforced by a poly-foam core; each Cynergy shaft utilizes an elongated straight-taper, ultra-thin white sighting ferrule, and Tiger® Sniper tip to create a shaft that is packed with carbon fiber performance and the feel and feedback of wood.

Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Cue Shaft
Made with Multi-Directional Carbon Fiber Filaments creating a homogenous spine and uniform hit.

Polyurethane Foam Core - with a varied density which is plugged with maple at both ends, giving you the warm sound and feel, without annoying clinking noise found in other carbon fiber shafts.

Lightweight Construction - Less weight creates less weight on your bridge hand which provides more cue ball control and a steady stroke. Benefitting from the ultra-strong carbon composite construction, each Carbon Fiber shaft features Meucci's lightweight front-end construction. Yet, unlike other Carbon shafts which have a distracting hollow sound, Meucci's Carbon Fiber Pro is not hollow at any point in the construction.

Pro Taper (15 inches) - Allowing for a steady bridge, the pro taper has been the choice of pool players for decades. Each Carbon Fiber Pro shaft has virtually no rise at 15 inches, allowing for a more consistent stroke, regardless oF the player’s stroke length.

3/8 inch Ferrule - The ferrule, not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception, but it also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.

Pechauer Rouge Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft

Less Deflection. Higher Accuracy

The Pechauer Rogue shaft is a powerful weapon in the hands of a player. Rest assured that with each stroke you will experience heightened accuracy, less deflection and more spin. How can we assure this? With less mass than a regular shaft and with a stiffer, stronger frame, the Pechauer Rogue can deliver a more controlled hit.

Noise-Dampening Core

With our special noise-dampening Core, the Pechauer Rogue has the sound and feel of a traditional wooden shaft without the metallic tone carbon fiber shafts are known for.

Aramid Carbon

Commonly used in both military and aerospace settings, this carbon is trusted to be incredibly powerful and durable. The material in our shafts can be found in the protective layers of fireproof suits and bulletproof vests.  Experience the difference the Rogue Shaft can make in your game.

White Composite Ferrule

Designed with performance in mind, The Pechauer Rouge shaft comes equipped with a white 1/8 inch ferrule. This thin ferrule helps increase visibility, improving your overall aim.

Jacoby Black Carbon Fiber Shaft
The Jacoby  Black Shaft is made from 100% Aerospace grade carbon fiber. The Black has a 19 inch Pro Taper with a Kamui Soft Tan Clear tip

BeCues Prime M Carbon Shaft
The Becue Prime M shafts are the result of years of research and development in materials, and the dynamic properties of the same. Prime M shafts are manufactured using a lamination process of the composite fibers made up of various structures, physical and mechanical characteristics, and are expertly combined together to provide the best structure ever designed for a shaft. Each shaft is the perfect synthesis of a long and painstaking analysis process to provide the player with the best tool on the market to confront any game situation.

Predator Cues Revo BVP & WVP (Black & White Vault Plate)

The Ultimate in Billiards Technology and Performance.

More accuracy, more spin, more consistency, more comfort, and more longevity, Predator REVO shafts set a new standard for performance.

Made of carbon fiber composite, REVO shafts incorporate more than twenty years of technological innovation and testing. REVO shafts feature the lightest front end mass, the lowest rate of rise taper, greatest radial consistency, and most durable construction. The result? The most accurate billiards shaft in the world at both low and high speeds, featuring the smoothest finish, the most spin, and uncompromising durability and strength.

Predator was awarded a patent for its innovative Vault Plate front-end construction: Patent # US9814963B2.

 ► PIN-POINT ACCURACY: No need to think about where you aim. That means faster progress and less mistakes under pressure.
 ► OPTIMAL CUE BALL CONTROL: provides the best control with finesse spin shots.
 ► MOST VERSATILE: Thin shaft that works well for multiple disciplines.
 ► EASIEST TO BRIDGE: Low-Rise Pro Taper is the most comfortable for all bridge types.
 ► MOST DURABLE: REVO shafts feature a Limited-Lifetime WARRANTY AGAINST WARPAGE.
 ► REVO 12.4 is for players of all levels who choose CONTROL over power or spin.


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"Kory, Just got the box you sent. I can't tell you how satisfied I am with everything ESPECIALLY the modifications your cue guy did on my break stick. Pat him on the back for me will you! That thing is a leathal weapon! When I get used to it I should do some damage. The people who have felt it are blown away. Its like they have some kin..."

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