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The Smoky Mountain Billiards Lumber Selection.

Smoky Mountain Billiards hardwood lumber is cured and processed to remain stable in any climate. Not only in a particular region such as the humid southeastern United States, but in the most arid climates, like the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Smoky Mountain Recreation must do this because they are produced by one of the largest pool table manufacturer in the world, shipping thousands of tables all over the globe each year.

To start Smoky Mountain Billiards uses the highest quality lumber available, "slower growth" trees, coming mostly from the northeastern United States rather than the "faster growth" trees usually found in the warmer climates. "Slower growth" means tighter growth rings for tighter wood grains and far less streaking and discoloration. It is also a much more dense and stable lumber, which is better for precise grain and color matching, the cutting and gluing process, as well as the milling, sanding and finishing that goes into making the best possible product for you.

Because of the immense volume of lumber that the manufacturer uses, and their impeccable credit ratings, not only are they able to obtain the best lumber available on the market today, but also at the best prices, which allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Of course, buying the highest grades of lumber is only part of the process. Unless it is processed properly you will still end up with an inferior product. Our table manufacturers four generations of experience in this business ensure that this will not happen. This is just one of the reasons Smoky Mountain Billiards can offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our tables.

The first step in creating the finest available pool table is to start with only the finest northeastern "slow growth" lumber. It is then dried to the optimum moisture content to allow for the best results in glue up, cutting, sanding and finishing. It is then grain matched to give the best combination of strength and beauty. The lumber is immediately sealed, keeping the moisture content consistent so there is no warping or cracking during the assembly and finishing process.