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Ultraskin Layered Pool Cue Tip

The Ultraskin Layered Cue Tip offers both the custom cue maker and the cue repair person the quality above and beyond layered cue tips costing $10.00 - $25.00 for fraction of the price. Each piece of leather is inspected and shaved to exact size. All the layers are put through a proprietary treatment and each layer is coupled with proprietary resins so each Ultraskin Layered Cue Tip will give the player the same feel and hit each time. Available in Soft, Medium, and Hard.

Price is for 1 tip

Ultraskin Layered Pool Cue Tip
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Sale Price: $6.95
Compared at: $8.69
You Save: $1.74
Product ID : USTIPx


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by bpraslin06
Best Tip on the Market
I've tried numerous tips (Kamui, Moori, Everest, etc..) and I can honestly say my favorite playing tip is the Ultraskin. Quality tip for a reasonable price!
Reviewed by mathomann
mathomann bought "Ultraskin Layered Pool Cue Tip" on our website
Great tip ...replacing new Morri
I've been playing pool since I was a child in the 50's. Played for money (successfully) when a young adult and continued playing throughout. Been playing league the last 7 years. Purchased this tip because of the reviews and replaced a tip for another team member. I practiced with his cue for an evening and was impressed. Now I have replaced two cue tips on cues that had good tips on already Morri and one Talisman tip. I purchased 4 more tips to keep on hand for replacement of my other cues when they need replacement. I recommend these tips to anyone needing a great tip at an exceptional price.

I have not tried the Kamui Clear yet but I like this tip better than the Kamui Black. I've only been shooting with this tip a little over a week now so don't know about how they hold up other than what I've read.
Reviewed by Cueman1985
Ultra skins
The best ever American made tip ever just wait
Until u try the very soft it will be available very soon.
It's the best I have ever seen ever.
Reviewed by Cooper007
Cooper007 bought "Ultraskin Layered Pool Cue Tip" on our website
Great tip
I recently purchased 2 medium tips and had them installed on my cues. I love the feel of the hit with these tips and the accuracy is great.

This could be my new favorite tip. Too soon to know for sure.

These tips are inexpensive, but not cheaply made.

Definitely, the most bang for the buck in a layered tip.

American made too!
Reviewed by JMarino
JMarino bought "Ultraskin Layered Pool Cue Tip" on our website
UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips
There has not been a Tip that hits this well since the early Morri of the 1990's.

The price is way below worth compared to other tips in the industry.

The interesting thing is, the tip plays better the more you use it.

Love at First Stroke.
Reviewed by Cueman1985
Ultra skin tip
I have been playing pro for 8 yrs and I've tried
Every tip out the these are by far the best I have ever
Seen the keep there shape and don't mushroom at all
Really just like a org moori slow but hits way more solid
So know u have an even better hit that old moori slows
With better playabilty also way more ball control it hits twice
As solid as the org kamui black SS. Also holds chalk like a dream
Its going to be my new playing tip from now on I just had all
6 of my ivory handled playing cues shafts done with those tips
Everyone should buy one and I give u my word u will love it. I got 100
Set aside to last me rest my live that's how good they are I been playing
With one for 3 months 9 hrs a day getting ready for a tournament. So give
Them a try u will love it and I've tried to rest
Reviewed by JMarino
Ultra Skin Tips
Best Tip on Earth

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