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The Pro Book DVD
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The Pro Book DVD Series

Fully authored wit over 85 instant access chapters!

Vol. 1: The Sweet Sixteen

Use the reference training breakthrough to build and strengthen your skill.

Learn the training guidelines that can revolutionize your practice effectiveness.

Find the key to your best game by mastering the 16 root shots of position play.

Practice the 15 most important extended shots and become a mater of the cue ball.

Vol. II: The Outer Limits

Understand the shot window concept and simplify your shot selection process.

Discover the limitations of your position tools and learn to pick the right one for each task.

Master the 22 boundary shots and eliminate shot selection doubt forever.

Learn the extended boundary shots and master the art of moving up and down the table.

Vol. III It's Hammer Time

Learn the 7 principles of safety play and strengthen your ability to control the table.

Practice the 16 root safeties and win some of the matches you have been losing.

Discover the 7 principles of kicks safeties and empower your capacity to shift momentum.

Master the 8 strategic kick safeties and stun your opponent with your comeback ability

Vol. IV: The Great Escape

Understand the strategic kicking zones and reduce the times you give up ball in hand.

Master the 12 most crucial kicks and learn how to fight back with confidence.

Practice the 8 most strategic bank shots and improve your ability to get back in line.

Learn how to make the hard to judge bank shots and improve your chances of getting out.

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Reviewed by tfw314
The Best bar none!!!
The program Bob Henning has put together on this training program is outstanding The swet 16 is fabulous has improved my game two folds. Outstanding referance material

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