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Silver Cup Blue Chalk

Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk is sold by the box. Each box contains 12 Silver Cup Chalk cubes available in your choice of colors.
Silver Cup Blue Chalk
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Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk - For the players who demand the very best quality billiard cue chalk.Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk is acclaimed by both professional pool players and amateur pool players alike and is the exclusive billiard cue chalk used in many of the most prestigious and lucrative tournaments televised around the world. Players competing in that arena demand the finest billiard cue chalk. So should you! Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk, Inc. was founded in 1990 with the goal of producing a professional grade billiard cue chalk unsurpassed by any others. Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk are made from the finest quality sand mined only in the United States. Just the right amount of moisture and additives produce the highest quality billiard cue chalk to be found, and made only in our plant in Macon, GA USA. Try Silver Cup - You will be impressed!

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Reviewed by MrEJuggalo
Not a fan
just does tend to stay on your tip that great
Reviewed by
Not Great
I find this too grainy and I miscue far more often using this chalk, use Masters instead.
Reviewed by jgrzyb
jgrzyb bought "Silver Cup Blue Chalk" on our website
Good value
I have positive experience with Silver Cup, after using it for quite a while. For me it sticks well and actually that is the most important characteristic of the chalk. Remember to keep your chalk in appropriate conditions, especially avoid hot, dry places - according to my experience such conditions could have negative effect on it.
Reviewed by soundwave
In my opinion, Silver Cup chalks are just worthless. They just don't do a good job sticking to the tip. Whenever I had to use it I had to chalk a lot more than usual, and I still miscue more often. This is actually the one chalk I would not use. Stick with Master chalk or if you have the money, the Blue Diamonds or the NIRs.

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