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Seyberts Q-Wiz

Seyberts logo Q Wiz is a great product for smoothing and polishing your pool cue shafts.
Seyberts Q-Wiz
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Sale Price: $5.95
Compared at: $8.95
You Save: $3.00
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Directions: To smooth and polish your cue shafts, simply rub the Q Wiz up and down the shaft using long, light strokes. Use the unmarked brown side to smooth the shaft and the tan logo side to polish it. Always wipe down your cue shafts after use to remove any chalk dust and body oils. You can use the q-wiz as often as your like to maintain the new super smooth finish without fear of damaging your cue shaft or reducing its diameter.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by thunda62
thunda62 bought "Seyberts Q-Wiz" on our website
I use it all the time
I am a stickler for having a clean cue shaft - especially in the bridge area. My hands sweat a lot so little blemishes on the wood give me a sticky feeling when shooting. I have used a glove but strongly prefer to shoot without the glove. I always have a towel or napkin nearby while shooting but when I'm done I always use this pad to get sweat or other hand oils off the wood before it soaks in. I washed the pad in the sink and it is less abrasive than it was out of the package. I always use the smooth side and sometimes the coarser side for cleaning visible chalk clinging to the wood. The pad is small and can fit anywhere - I thought I lost it once but it had gotten balled-up and was at the bottom of a pouch on my cue case. I often use a leather burnisher to add some shine to the wood after cleaning.
Reviewed by ronis
ronis bought "Seyberts Q-Wiz" on our website
Best gets even better
It's the same brilliant Q-Wiz with the same terrific features plus:
1. It costs less
2. It has your favourite billiard supplier logo on it ;)
Highly recommended!!
Reviewed by mglasco092907
mglasco092907 bought "Seyberts Q-Wiz" on our website
A must have for any pool player.
This is a must have if you want quick and easy shaft prep before a match. Plus, buying the "Seybert" branded one, you save a buck. It's unbelievable how easy it is.
Reviewed by mechmat
Works like a charm
Does exactly what it's supposed to do: Keep your shaft super-smooth. My teammates are always amazed at how smooth I can get my shaft after a thorough cleaning and burnishing. They say it "feels like glass." Always remember to use your Q-Wiz on a CLEAN shaft. I use a 1" strip of a Mr Clean Magic Eraser moistened with rubbing alcohol (NOT water) to get all the grime off of my shaft, then smooth it off with this. Works like a charm and I don't have to buy those more expensive cleaning kits.

Hey, and the extra buck you save getting the Seybert's model is much appreciated!
Reviewed by Yawger
Save a buck
My friend has the Seybert's Q-wiz. Someone bought the original Q-wiz for me. I've used them both. No difference at all in performance. Same exact product. Save the dollar and just get the Sebert's. Keeps your shaft clean, and slick!
Reviewed by tank69
tank69 bought "Seyberts Q-Wiz" on our website
For $4 you would be crazy not to have one of these in your case. It's cheap and works, PERIOD.
Reviewed by rmwortman
rmwortman bought "Seyberts Q-Wiz" on our website
Works Great!
The Seyberts version is exactly the same as the original Q Wiz other than the logo.

Flat out the best shaft polishing solution I have ever found (and have tried many). They clean up easily in the kitchen sink and seem to last forever.

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