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Seyberts Leather Burnisher

Why burnish your cue with Seyberts leather burnisher? The purpose of burnishing you pool cue shaft with Seyberts leather burnisher is to smooth and seal the wood on your pool cue shaft. The more you burnish the better the finish and the more moistures resistant your pool cue shaft becomes. Also is good to use on your tip to burnish the edge so your tip is less likely to mushroom.
Seyberts Leather Burnisher
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Directions: Wrap the leather burnisher around the pool cue shaft and with firm pressure work your burnisher up and down your working range. For best finish do faster and harder strokes. Repeating this procedure for a half a minute of so before and after you play and after you play will produce a professional looking finish. Cloth Cue Slicker

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Reviewed by thunda62
thunda62 bought "Seyberts Leather Burnisher" on our website
awesome finishing touch
I am a stickler for having a clean cue shaft - especially in the bridge area. This burnisher helps me put a shine and add smoothness to my cue shaft that shaft cleaners cannot. I don't use it every time I put my cue away but I can tell the difference just by looking at the freshly burnished shaft - it shines. I am told that keeping it as smooth as I do will help prevent accumulation of moisture and oil which would make it easier for chalk and dirt to stick. I can't say I have noticed because I have always taken care of my cue and cleaned it whenever it has gotten dirty. Every now and then a teammate or someone else in my league will ask me if I bought a new shaft or comment on how clean it is - I credit the burnisher for this additional look and feel.
Reviewed by rrich1
rrich1 bought "Seyberts Leather Burnisher" on our website
Good burnisher
Simple product that does a great job. Reasonably priced for what it is and will last.
Reviewed by plandr5
plandr5 bought "Seyberts Leather Burnisher" on our website
great product
Use this between matches for a quick pass. Folds down to nothing so you don't notice it in your pocket
Reviewed by longhoang27
longhoang27 bought "Seyberts Leather Burnisher" on our website
Best burnisher I have used
I have tried multiple leather burnishers, and this is easily my favorite. I am not a fan of the smaller round ones because it doesn't really let me get as good of a grip as with this one, and I have tried other rectangular ones which are way too thick and bulky to be comfortable in my hand.
Reviewed by jive
jive bought "Seyberts Leather Burnisher" on our website
Cheap & Functional..
this is a simple and great product that i think anybody with a personal cue should own. It really does work and it makes the shaft extremely smooth, best of all you use it knowing that you're not thinning out your shaft like with some fine sandpaper.
Extremely useful for summer!! some pool halls have crap air conditioning, so after a short game you start getting some friction from the shaft (i have sweaty palms..), i simply wipe the shaft down with a lightly damped cloth, then dry one and then the leather burnisher. Swear it feels like a new shaft everytime!
No many products are cheap and functional, this is one of those.
Reviewed by soundwave
Good all-purpose leather pad
This is a good leather pad that's reasonably priced. For shaft cleaning, the back of the leather pad is a bit rougher which allows for two-stage buffing: the back first then the front. One nice feature (although I'm not sure this is intended) is that the logo is stamped, not inked or painted. This means that you won't accidentally get ink on your shaft, which I like.
Reviewed by rhodleng
rhodleng bought "Seyberts Leather Burnisher" on our website
awesome 4$ item
very well served its purpose on burnishing my shafts. every serious pool player should have on of this.
Reviewed by tank69
tank69 bought "Seyberts Leather Burnisher" on our website
You can't beat it
For $4, you can't NOT afford to have a few of these in your case. Works great.

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