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Science Of Pocket Billiards Book

Science Of Pocket Billiards Book
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POOL & BILLIARD MAGAZINE, August 1994 Article: THE BEST INSTRUCTIONAL TAPES AND BOOKS by Thomas C. Shaw "Subjectively and, I hope, objectively, I think "The Science of Pocket Billiards" by Jack Koehler is the best."
 ON THE SNAP MAGAZINE, November 1989 Article: BOOK REVIEW by Lynn Hall "Well, hold on to your hats! "The Science of Pocket Billiards" is now on sale. I've been reviewing this book for a while and have come to the conclusion that it is definitely THE BOOK to buy." "This is the best book I have ever read on the subject of pool as it explains things in a way I can believe in."
 BILLIARDS DIGEST MAGAZINE, December 1989 Article: BOOK REVIEW by Robert Byrne "... purchasers will get a large tome full of information that has never been written about at such length." "Nothing like it is available in any language."
BILLIARDS TABLE TALK, January 1992 Article: BOOK REVIEW by Dave Keaggy "About one year ago I read a classified ad touting a new book on pool, "The Science of Pocket billiards" by Jack Koehler. I ordered the book and received an autographed copy within a week. A year later I still could not put it down after re-reading portions numerous times. I finally had a book that held nothing back, exposed some of the myths on pool and used a scientific approach to getting at the facts."
 BILLIARDS DIGEST MAGAZINE, February 1992 Article: FROM CORIOLIS TO KOEHLER by Mike Shamos '1 have no hesitation in asserting that his (Koehler's) contribution to billiards, backed up as it is with empirical data, is monumental. If we don't take him seriously, there's a real risk his valuable discoveries will be forgotten for another century."
POOL & BILLIARD MAGAZINE, December 1989 Article: BOOK REVIEW by Thomas C. Shaw "The Science of Pocket Billiards covers an incredible amount of ground. Not only do you get the fundamentals, you also get advanced insights and nuances." "Particularly impressive is the way The Science of Pocket Billiards seems to cover all the details."
CUE & NEWS, September 1992 Article: BOOK REVIEW by Joe Waldron "From intermediate to advanced professional, Koehler provides information that is invaluable." "The reader comes away with the impression that this is solid factual information, not just another opinion from someone who plays well but can not teach." "If you want the most out of the game, based on factual information, Jack Koehler has written a text that is required reading."

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Reviewed by ronis
Good book for left brained players
It's a good book for players who like physics/math and want to know why things happen the way they do on pool table.
Reviewed by Yawger
Explains the unexplainable
This book is a brilliant break down of the science behind what you have seen happening your whole life on a billiard table. We all understand that the balls are hitting each other and one goes into the pocket hopefully. This explains the scientific reasoning as to why the balls react how they do, and why you may be missing shots you think should be going in. A must have for any pool player.
Reviewed by lobello
this is
the single best book on pocket billiards ever written. if youre a beginner only buy this,

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