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Rubber Pool Cue Grip

Wish your cues had some sort of grip? We have the solutions - Rubber Grips! Simply Roll the cue grip onto your house cue or two piece cues. These textured rubber sleeves will give your hand a totally unique grip. Wrap measures 11 1/2" long.
Rubber Pool Cue Grip
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Reviewed by edward
edward bought "Rubber Pool Cue Grip" on our website
Rubber Pool Cue Grip
great product for keeping your wrap like new or to enhance your grip take your time putting it on though can be a tad difficult but for the cost get and easy 4 1/2 stars the only down side is the wrap it self could be longer,
Reviewed by Nightwalker2830
Nightwalker2830 bought "Rubber Pool Cue Grip" on our website
Update on grip
this is a good product but when I put this item in my case with the rubber grip it would not fit in my case is the only draw back and it not easy to take on and off if you have this item might have the problem as well I still give it an 5 but it not the item fault or the case just doesnt work with both
Reviewed by Nightwalker2830
Nightwalker2830 bought "Rubber Pool Cue Grip" on our website
great wrap
I purchase this grip because my cues were linen wrap was becoming fuzzy so I order this grip and feels great in the hand I didn't try the soap trick. I used baby powder on the cue and slide it down took some work but I'm going to try the soap trick see if its easier I even bought more to put on my other cues only thing I don't like is that I wish it was longer to cover the whole wrap or what u can do get extra and cut the other amount you need to cover the rest of the wrap. You really don't need it cover all the way but looks better covered
Reviewed by yyyghb4
yyyghb4 bought "Rubber Pool Cue Grip" on our website
Good Grip, here's an Install Tip
These are nice grips. Very, well, grippy! Here's an install tip. Get an old spray bottle. Fill it with warm water, and a few drops (just a few) of dish soap. Shake it up and spray your stick and the wraps liberally. Then just slide the grip into position and dry of the excess water. The grip will still slide around. Give it a day to dry off. Then it will be stuck perfectly, exactly where you wanted it to. (note, these are instructions for putting this on over a coated stick. if you've got an exposed linen wrap, you're on your own.)
Reviewed by skytroopermp
Great Product
I decided to buy a wrap because I didn't like the feel of the Irish Line slipping through my hands because of sweat. After playing a couple of games, the wrap really stuck to my hand as I hitting balls! The grip made huge impact on the consistency and accuracy in my stroke. Not bad for $4.00. Also customer services was top notch! I had a question about the product and within seconds I actually got to speak to someone who sounded like they actually knew something about pool! Will definitely order from here again!

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