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Q Slick

Q Slick pool cue shaft sealer and conditioner is one of the most effective cue shaft sealers on the market today. Q Slick pool cue shaft sealer gives your pool cue shaft that smooth bare wood feel for a more controlled hit. Q Slick seals your cue shafts pores from moisture, hand oils, and dirt. Q Slick also helps revitalize and preserve your wood pool cue shaft.
Q Slick Pool Cue Shaft Care
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Q Slick is has a fast drying formula that eliminates waxy buildup. Directions: Squeeze several drops on a clean dry cloth. Apply evenly. Then Buff you pool cue shaft dry. Recommend to use with Q Clean, Q Smooth, and Q Glide.

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Reviewed by oshua86
Great Product.
I think this is the best shaft sealer in the market, it works fantastic, its a must. Matter of fact I believe all the "Q" products for shaft care are great, they all need to be use together for best results.

5 stars.
Reviewed by bought "Q Slick" on our website
Q Slick is a must have for every pool player. I carry a bottle of this stuff in my case at all times. I clean my shaft with cue slick at a minimum of once every week. Q slick keeps your shaft clean, conditioned, and maintains a healthy smooth surface for superior stroke. My Q Slick is quite popular amongst my entire team, as everyone likes to maintain a smooth, glistening shaft. Carry a bottle of Q Slick in your pool case, and use it regularly. I guarantee it will add years onto the life of your shaft. A cue without Q Slick is like a human without a shower.
Reviewed by bbryan
worth the money!
This is the best product I've found for shaft care.
It breaths new life into shafts that are dingy and stained.
Spend a little time buffing and you'll have a very smooth cue that easily slides through your fingers. Say goodbye to gloves and messy talcs.
In my opinion this product would be a good buy at twice the regular price.
Reviewed by ajingbea
Q Slick
i bought this product last nov of 2011..i used this on my p2 and the results are amazing..the best product for sealing, protecting and polishing your shafts..thanks!

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