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Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit

The Predator Uni-LocĀ® Weight Cartridge Kit lets you fine-tune the weight of your pool cue within a tenth of a ounce. Eight different weights, ranging from 0.1 oz. to 2 oz., give you up to 30 possible weight combination for unmatched precision. The versatile installation tool has dual prongs that interlock with each weight and a detachable handle. The tool can be used with the handle for easy on-the-go tuning, or with a drill bit for lightning fast tuning at home.
Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit
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Reviewed by Redbow
Redbow bought "Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit" on our website
Good set
Although i am slightly disappointed in it being a must-buy for people wanting to adjust their cue's weight, i can understand that it was a necessity as i imagine the weight cartridges has a way bigger production-cost than your average weight-screws. The kit arrives with a very good choice of weight-cartridges, giving you the possibility of adjusting your combination down to an 0.1oz precision. Recommended to anyone but people with difficulties in making their mind up. ;-)

Reviewed by papa_fox1
works like a charm
nice to be able to adjust your cue to your game instead of the other way around. well worth the investment. Too bad it only fits a few cues.

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