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Pleasures Of Small Motions Book

Pleasures Of Small Motions Book
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A revolutionary new approach to tackling the inner game of pool

"This could be a breakthrough book for your game, opening the
door to improvements you didn't think possible."
?Pool & Billiard magazine

Most of what you "know" about the mental game of
pool is wrong. Everyone who plays pool says it is
"mostly mental," but the conventional wisdom about
the mental game is about as accurate as the idea that
the earth is flat. Until now, no one with any expertise on
how the human mind works has bothered to write about
psychotherapist and pool columnist, breaks new ground by
applying good science to the mental game of billiards.
For example, people often say players
should "forget they're competing and just play as if they're practicing" during
an important game, but as Fancher reveals, studies show that the tension of
competition, when managed correctly, can improve play.
Fancher explains how the mind and body work together, prescribes
drills to help sharpen the conscious and the unconscious minds, explains
the difference between concentration and focus, and gives invaluable insight on competitive play.

BOB FANCHER wrote Billiards Digest magazine's popular "The Mental Game"
column, and previously wrote a column titled "Dr. TBob, Pool Shrink" for The
American Cueist.
He earned his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University and practiced psychotherapy
in New York for fourteen years. His acclaimed book Cultures of Healing has been used in classes
at Columbia University, Princeton, and many other schools, and his writing has appeared in The
Washington Post
and other publications. He lives in Austin, Texas.

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Reviewed by chiuppy
Different approach of psychology in pool
This book is somewhat different from other "popular psychology" books about pool. It is written by a scientist, not a player, and some of the important things mentioned in this book I did not find anywhere else.
I would recommend this book to every tournament player or wannabe - it will lift up you game to the next level - not pshysically, but mentally.
Reviewed by jeffb78
Food For Thought
I loved this book. It really dives deep in the mental mechanics that enable us to pocket balls. Each time you pick it up you will learn something - perhaps something about the game but more likely something about yourself. There were so many scenarios outlined in this book that were constant issues for me when competing that I could not help but to benefit from it. This is a book that you will read many times and it will help each time through.
Reviewed by Yawger
A mental step ahead of the rest.
This book puts to rest a lot of cliches and myths that people say all the time around the pool hall. The information comes from a logical place instead of a movie quote-esque book full of inaccuracies. I really enjoyed this book, and frequently re-read portions I found particularly helpful, like embracing high pressure situations instead of trying to block them out. Truly a great read.

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