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Plastic Magnetic Chalk Holder

Never lose your chalk again! With the magnetic chalk you billiard chalk is always attached to your belt or jeans. Just reach down and pull the plastic cube holding your chalk away from the magnetic strip. It's that easy. Chalk not included.
Plastic Magnetic Chalk Holder
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Reviewed by jm.canson
jm.canson bought "Plastic Magnetic Chalk Holder" on our website
Not very durable
I bought one of these holders about a month ago. Its a good product by design, but not as great by the execution and and the manufacturing. The magnetic aspect of this holder is strong, the chalk box part fits the chalk itself snugly. The downfall of it is that since the belt clip portion of it is plastic, it does give as great of flexibility and strength in holding to a belt or pants seam. It doesn't even need very much flexibility to slide over a belt either. But as I was using it. I tried slipping the belt clip part over my belt, the belt itself is only 1/16th of an inch thick, the holder snap on me from the belt clip. I was going to to try to glue it, but there was no way that would work. This product needs to be made with a stronger material or manufactured thicker. Thanks.
Reviewed by martingomez87
Best chalk holder ever!
In my opinion, you cannot beat the price and functuality compared to other chalk holders. In the past, I have used the typical "dangle" holders, but I hated how the chalk would always slap around as I walked, and even worse, would stain my pants. With this one, the chalk is securely fixed onto the magnet, and has never fallen off. I have been using the same one for 5 years. If it broke, I would definitely spend the 2 bucks to buy another one

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