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Phil Capelle Practicing Pool Book

Phil Capelle Practicing Pool Book
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Capelle?s Practicing Pool    
Take Your Game tot he Next Level & Beyond
Play Patterns Like a Pro - Master Cue Ball Position - Learn Defensive Skills - Customize Your Program
  • Learn to Learn
    How to become a great student
  • Your Program
    How to design a routine that?s just right for your game.
  • Scoring your game
    How to measure your progress
  • Partners Practive
    Have fun while improving your game.
  • E-Z Ball Placement
    Practice the same shots- Every time
  • Fundamentals first
    Get in dead stroke the natural way
  • Natural Aiming
    Master every shot on the table
  • Go into the Gap
    Perfect your speed control
  • Pattern Pro
    Read the table and plan your runouts
  • The Matrix
    When to use English, and when not to!


Practice can be anything you make it to be. To some it is a necessary chore that must be endured in order to get better. For the lucky ones like yourself, pool practice is an activity that you eagerly look forward to because you enjoy hitting pool balls. You relish the chance that every single shot offers for discovering some insight that could take your game to a higher level. With the proper perspective, practicing pool is your surest way to substantial and lasting improvement in your game. And when practice is looked at correctly, it can be as enjoyable, if not more so, than playing.

I have written many other books prior to this one, but none that focused on the art of practicing pool. Capelle s Practicing Pool, which fills this void, is a companion guide to my Play Your Best Series of instructional books. While this book contains over 200 exercises, its main purpose is to teach you to teach yourself to play pool as well, if not better, than you imagined possible. Since most of your time is spent playing or practicing, it only makes sense that you be able to take care of your game when you are not with your instructor.

The book is for players of all levels of skill. Everyone is encouraged to read Chapter 1, which presents ideas for learning and for becoming a great student. After studying this chapter, new players should turn to Chapter 2, Fast Start, which presents exercises that will help you build a solid foundation. All other players should start with Chapter 3, Fundamentals First. When you have your fundamentals in top working order, then you are prepared to tackle the other elements of the game.

The other chapters are placed in what I feel is a logical progression. Nevertheless, experienced players should feel free to skip around and to put together a program that is best suited for your current needs. Chapter 14 discusses the elements of a successful practice session, and it offers lists, which you can use to help in putting together your agenda. Chapter 1 presents the Champion's Checklist, which you can use to take an inventory of your skills so you'll know what areas need your attention right now.

This book has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. The spiral binding makes it easy to take to the table where you can set up the shots and get to work on improving your game. The balls have been positioned on the table so you can set them up in very little time providing you use a few simple tools. Your ability to accurately set up and repeat the exercises is invaluable in learning the shots and skills, and for measuring your progress. The detailed table of contents enables you to quickly find the areas of your game where you are seeking help. Key concepts have been put in bold type throughout the book, enabling you to quickly locate and review them.

1 Learning to Learn 1

2 Fast Start 27

3 Fundamentals First 39

4 Shotmaking & Aiming 73

5 Position Play 129

6 Pattern Play 177

7 Safety Play 199

8 Kicking Practice 217

9 Break Shot Practice 229

10 Scoring Games 243

11 Practicing with a Partner 255

12 League Team Practice 263

13 Mental Game Practice 267

14 Practice Programs 271

Appendix 287

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Reviewed by Crackshot
Best training book to date
I've had this book for years and I still take it out every few weeks to work on my basics and fundamentals. Phil Capelle's books are the best. Every aspect of this book is well thought out including the book itself. Look at all of the other books and you will notice this one has spiral binding. You can actually lay this book out on the table and look at the diagrams while practicing. You can't say this about any other training book. If you like that aspect, then you'll really appreciate the diagrams and the way it is written. This book has helped me improve my game more than any book i've purchased and I have dozens.
Reviewed by Yawger
A great addition to the library
This is a fantastic book on how to practice. There are a lot of things I had thought I already knew, but this book took those ideas and really made them into something that was easy to consume and transform into my everyday practice routines. A great addition to any pool players library.
Reviewed by tfw314
A Must Have!!
This practice book will take you to the next level if followed. This is an excellant product to take on the go or have at your home table. The best practice workout program on the market.

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