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Phil Capelle Play Your Best Nine Ball Book

Phil Capelle Play Your Best Nine Ball Book
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Play Your Best Nine Ball

A complete Course for Players of All Levels of Skill 470
Diagrams make learning fun and easy
480 Big Pages
470 Big Illustrations
Hundreds of diagrams illustrate the lessons throughout the book. Over 140 show shots and safeties of top pros in tournament action. All diagrams are drawn perfectly to scale.
ABC's of Nine Ball
Instruction is tailored to your current level of play using the ABC System for evaluating your game. The system helps you plot strategy and learn position play.
Expanded Contents
The expanded table of contents will help experienced and new players alike to quickly locate the sections that cover the areas of their game that need work.

PHIL CAPELLE is the author of Play Your Best Pool, A Mind For Pool, and Play Your Best Straight Pool. He is an instructional columnist with Pool & Billiard Magazine and is a Certified Instructor with the Billiard Congress of America. Mr. Capelle is the founder of Billiards Press, the leading publisher of high quality pool instruction.
Useful Features
?A section on the rules
?A glossary of over 300 terms
?Tips throughout the book
?Guide to videos on Nine Ball
?Where to play competitiveNine Ball

Chapter Contents

1 Shotmaking
   28 Diagrams
Master all of the game-winning shots
2 The Break
   9 Diagrams
Learn to break with power and control
3 Position Routes
   92 Diagrams
Teaches you to play pinpoint position
4 Fine Points of Position
   22 Diagrams
The little things that help you run out
5 Principles of Position
   43 Diagrams
Learn to plan your shots like a pro
6 Pattern Play
   66 Diagrams
Learn to plan your run outs
7 How to Run Out 
   27 Diagrams
Shot-by-shot with 9 top Nine Ball players
8 Cluster Management
   10 Diagrams
How to break apart groups of balls
9 Reading the Table
   12 Diagrams
Learn to play the percentages
10 Push Out Strategy
   24 Diagrams
Discover the secrets of this key maneuver
11 Safety Play
   67 Diagrams
Defensive strategies, many by top pros
12 Kick Shots
   42 Diagrams
Learn how to kick your way out of trouble
13 The ABC's of Strategy
How to up your winning percentage
14 Competitive Nine Ball
About tournaments, leagues, money games
15 Practicing Nine Ball
   26 Diagrams
How to master the critical areas of skill

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by 9ballkid
got this for christmas
i have read it and have learned more from this then i could have just banging balls around the diagrams are very easy to follow along with the text it is a must read for anyone looking to take there game to the next level
Reviewed by rrich1
Excellent book.
A must for any person trying to improve their 9 ball game. Book goes into great detail about safety play, patterns, kicks, and banking. Book also explains the difference between A, B and C level players as well as how to play a higher or lower level player. Book also goes into the mindset of how to succeed in 9 ball. I highly recommend this book to anybody looking to improve their 9 ball game.

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