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Mike Massey's World Of Trick Shots with Phil Capelle Book

Mike Massey's World Of Trick Shots with Phil Capelle Book
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Mike Massey?s World of Trick Shots

The Master Tells All, Learn Pool?s Best Trick Shots

You?ll Learn How To:

  • Shoot Pool?s Best trick shots
  • Amaze your friends
  • Give three complete shows
  • Execute over 170 shots
  • Talk pool like a showman
  • Improve your Pool game
  • Inside you?ll discover:
  • Over 180 diagrams
  • How to set up and execute every shot
  • Every shot is rated
  • 40 shots from Artistic Pool
  • Shots from ESPN?s Trick Shot Magic
  • Mike Massey is a nine time world champion. He is universally regarded as the best trick shot artist in the history of pool.
  • Phil Capelle is the best selling author of several instructional books on pool and is a columnist for Pool and Billiard Magazine.


  • Hustler?s Specials
  • Prop Shots
  • Crowd Pleasers
  • Mystery Shots
  • Masse Shots
  • Stroke Shots
  • Bank Shots
  • Jump Shots
  • Finger Pool
  • Much More?

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Reviewed by justok@pool
Mike Massey's World of Trick Shots
I had the opportunity to meet and even play Mr. Massey at the local pool hall when he did a trick shot exhibition. He set up the butterfly shot for me to shoot, and I got all 6 of them my first try! He had copies of his book for spectators to purchase, and of course, he was happy to sign everyone's books- Jesus Loves us, your friend, Mike Massey. I studied the book to a T, and depending on the table, execution of the trick shots usually goes off without a hitch. Even when I miss a few balls, any spectators and friends watching, are still impressed, and often want to try the various trick shots themselves. But my favorite part of the book is Mike's bibliography (or as he calls it, his pool-ogrpahy) in the back of the book. Reading about his personal life, and how he came to be the man he is today, is fascinating, and inspiring, not just in pool, but in everyday life. Phil Capelle's book is easy to read and understand, and his illustrations on setting up all the trick shots are clear and precise. I let close friends borrow the book, not only for their own trick shot amusement and knowledge, but so they have a chance to know Mike Massey, who I had the pleasure of meeting twice!

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