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McDermott Leather Burnisher

McDermott leather cue shaft burnisher is a great addition to any pool cue case. McDermott leather burnisher is high quality leather great for smoothing and sealing your pool cue shaft. The burnished shaft will help prevent dirt and oils from your hands penetrate the cue shaft.
McDermott Leather Burnisher
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Price: $4.00
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Directions: Wrap the leather burnisher around the pool cue shaft and with firm pressure work your burnisher up and down your working range. For best finish do faster and harder strokes. Repeating this procedure for a half a minute of so before and after you play and after you play will produce a professional looking finish. Cloth Cue Slicker

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Reviewed by Dan New
Dan New bought "McDermott Leather Burnisher" on our website
Must Have
I always keep one in the bag. Just a few quick strokes and your shaft will feel nice and smooth.
Reviewed by soundwave
soundwave bought "McDermott Leather Burnisher" on our website
The McDermott leather burnisher works about the same as the Seyberts' own leather pad, featuring two sides with different textures for two-stage burnishing. At the time of this review both the McD & the Seyberts pads have the same price, so it's basically which logo you like more.

One thing to remember about leather burnish pads is that after you get it, check the back (the rough side) for any foreign particles trapped in the leather. Brush them out before use so they won't damage your shaft.
Reviewed by flygon12
flygon12 bought "McDermott Leather Burnisher" on our website
I like it
I kept this in my case at all times. Every time I let someone shoot with my stick, I got a compliment about how smooth my shaft was. This burnisher is more than worth what you pay for it. Granted, it will need a little breaking in to work how you want it to. I don't even think the q-wiz is as good as this. Nothing a little 2000 grit paper and this baby won't do. I was disappointed when I lost mine.
Reviewed by tsuha96
tsuha96 bought "McDermott Leather Burnisher" on our website
Really solid
This thing is really good. Makes my shaft feel nice and smooth. I use it almost after every rack and its definitely worth 4 dollars. If anything, it probably is worth more since it does the job even better than I thought it would. Everyone needs this thing

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