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Lucasi Big Beulah 2 Break Cue

Lucasi Hybrid Big Beulah Break Pool Cue has BIG BREAKS with cue ball control at a price everyone can afford. The new advanced technology in the Big Beulah 2 delivers the perfomance you need on the break to give you a definiate advantage.
Sale Price: $322.99
Compared at: $379.99
You Save: $57.00
Product ID : LHBB2

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Product Information

Shaft :
Hard Maple
Tip :
Shaft Dia. :
Taper :
Joint Type :
Pin :
Joint Collar :
Wide Ring
Forearm :
Wrap :
Butt Sleeve :
Warranty :
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Reviewed by jasonlu
I'm in love with Big Beulah
This break cue is amazing! With the great grip and carbon fiber ferrule, every break is loud and powerful.
Reviewed by 8ballwizard43344
I first had the opportunity to demo this cue at The Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge this past year. The Big Beulah 2 was amazing. You do not have to get super fancy with your break shot. Maintain center cue ball and a good dead center hit on the head ball and the rack will explode. I've had numerous 8 on the breaks and 9 on the the snaps during APA league with this cue. Absolutely incredible!!!
Reviewed by player
player bought "Lucasi Big Beulah 2 Break Cue" on our website
I had won a LUCASI 8 ball cue & loved it so I went on line & saw this breaking cue on your site & it looked great & the price was right so I bought it. I'm 62 years old & I can you that the only thing this cue knows how to do is to make balls & thats what it is all about.

Have a nice day.
Reviewed by hanicq
Rack Em Up
I bought the Big Beulah 2 after I got to test hit one when I was at APA nationals last year. I was first interested in it just cause I thought that it had a good look to it. So after waiting my turn at the Lucasi booth I broke about 5-10 racks of 9 ball and I was dropping a ball every time. That was very impressive for me since my break is one of the most inconsistant parts of my game. I would have bought one then and there, but didn't have the extra money with me to do it. I was able to save up and got one a couple months after I got back from nationals and fell in love with it.
Reviewed by pato4life9
Big Beulah 2
After reading all these reviews and talking to players who own one, i went and bought this cue from seyberts and let me say THIS CUE PACKS A PUNCH, i love it and i think it will really help me with my break. Thanks again Rick for your great service and good price.