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Lepro Cue Tips

These cue tips are the finest Oak Leather available anywhere and have a protective coating to seal and preserve the leather until the cue is ready to play. Tip must be cut down to fit your shafts diameter.

Price is for 1 tip

Lepro Cue Tips
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Reviewed by bshoe
LePro tips
I used LePro tips for years and had some good matches with them. A good entry level or once or twice a week player. When you play as many games as I do now (50 to 100 a week), they just don't last very long. I had to constantly groom the tip to keep it in shape. They change in hardness as the tip life progresses. And as others have pointed out, one tip never seems to feel the same as the last. You tend to notice this when you change 3 or 4 times a year. For the price, it is a good tip but more experienced players will want a better tip.
Reviewed by jose luis
This tips are on of the best. They are cheap and they are good. Easy to set and trim. The only trouble with these is that sometimes they become dry suddenly and break (mostly if you misscue on a strong hit). So after sometime using them, I decided that the laminated tips are harder to break, or almost impossible, and to prevent my ferrules to break also along with the tips I just stoped using them.

Reviewed by
Wide Difference
If only I could get two tips the same or close to from this product I'd be a happy camper. When you get a good one, it's as good as any other tip out there, but I have had too many that appear 'dead' feeling and I have been forced to look elsewhere.
Reviewed by bcno59
bcno59 bought "Lepro Cue Tips" on our website
le pro one of the best
very good high quality cue tip,

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