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Kamui Black Pool Cue Tip

Kamui Black Tips are specially selected 10 layered pig skin.The leather is tanned by a special moisture proof tannin. Giving the Kamui Black the black color. Kamui Japan found the way to apply this process without interfering with the porosity and adding more elasticity to the KB tip. 14mm tip must be cut down to fit your shafts diameter.

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Kamui Black Pool Cue Tip
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What you should expect from the New Kamui Black Tip is: Longer Durability, More Elasticity - Allowing more spin (grip) on the cue ball without overexerting yourself. And the KB tips have the same ability to grip onto the chalk which transfers to gripping the cue ball.

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Reviewed by bignick31985
bignick31985 bought "Kamui Black Pool Cue Tip" on our website
Great tips!
Great tip! I've tried many, and love this one the most. I keep Elkmaster's on hand in case of a quick need to replace a tip, but this SS Kamui is just a good tip. Can't argue with how it performs either. I haven't touched the shaper since I put it on, just have to scuff it a bit everynow and then.

Buy one, try it out.
Reviewed by Drdon
Don miller
Kamui black. Ordered three SS ts. Installed and tried to use. Chalking sound was scratched sounding. Feel was hard. Contact sound was poppy. Feel was hard. Mosques often. Terrible feel. Did I get a bad batch? Could they have dried out and hardened? An expensive purchase. Am I alone? Can Kamui give me my money back?

I would love to talk to a Kamui expert, or employee.
Reviewed by shinleung
Kamui Black Medium
I have this tip installed on my Lucasi Custom cue.
Make no mistake this is a good tip but some of the review said that it stay in a dime shape without needing to reshape is just b***s***.
Reviewed by The_Carolina_Giant
Expected different results, still a solid tip
I ordered a Kamuii Black Medium tip on my players cue to try out a switch from using my standard Mooris. After shooting with it though, I'm not sure if it just needs a longer break in time, but I could barely get a draw shot with it. Lots of follow though. I think these meds shoot more like hards. So if you have a normal medium tip, a kamui soft might be what you're looking for. Solid tip, but I think I'll be switching back to a moori med
Reviewed by ExpressCheckoutUser
Black is Best!!!
The Kamui Black tip is the best tip i've played with it takes a few sessions to get used to it because of the tremendous action you get with it compared to other tips but when you do you'll see how much easier it is to get around the table i highly recommend them
Reviewed by moving_afk
Kamui Soft
The Kamui black soft tips are amazing. I've always considered my draw to be strong, but now I just keep thinking move over Mike Massey new draw king coming through. The feel with these tips is just mind blowing. Typically I used to get a wow nice shot maybe once a week, now its at least once a night and more often once a game. These usually come from an after shot masse. These tips make that so much easier. When I was shooting with the standard le Pro tips I got a lot of compliments on my english. I think now there a few who are wanting to use this tip after the marked improvements they've noticed in my game.
Reviewed by emily_lim2311
Best tip!
One of the best tip in the market. Able to impart more spin on the cueball.

Only only issue I have would be after a day of playing, it doesn't seem to hold chalk as well as before. But that could be troubleshooted by using a tip-pik.
Reviewed by Ricky_Angelo
Long Lasting Games
I use the Kamui Black Hard Tips since a lot of time and i have to say that are absolutely the best tips selled today.
The elasticity is quite good even for the hard ones (while on medium and soft ones is perfect), and they last for eons.
I've found, with time, that so good tips make even a not-so-good cue a very effective one, so don't have fear to spend some money for this black diamonds!
Reviewed by shak_dizzle
Kamui Never Again
The first time I've used a Kamui Medium tip and a few layers literally peeled off. I said to myself maybe I got a bad tip. I got anther Kamui tip earlier this year from a different cue repair man and same thing happened. I've recently replaced it with the cheapest tip and had a great run since.
That's my experience, in conclusion the tip doesn't make you a better player but practicing and learning to play with whatever you have makes you better. If you practice enough with a break cue and no chalk you can run racks.
Reviewed by Redbow
Redbow bought "Kamui Black Pool Cue Tip" on our website
Feel the cueball
The feel is strong with this tip. Been through a series of tips, but i have yet to find one as informative as the Kamui Black Soft-tip.


Reviewed by justok@pool
Kamui Medium
I bought my first Kamui Tip at the local billiard supply shop, and the retail mark up was worth it. The Kamui Black looked good on my P3 White, and even though I wore it out, it took almost a year of regular shooting pus occasional masse' and break shots to do so. I never had to re shape it, but only once in a while, would I need to texturize it with a tip pick. The second Kamui black I bought was a hard, but due to poor gluing application, it popped off clean the first day I started to use it. Over all, the Kamui tips are high quality, and worth what you will pay for it as they do not mushroom after high physical pressure shots, and they keep their dime radius tip game after game, more so than most other brand's layered tips out there on the market.
Reviewed by krosborn
krosborn bought "Kamui Black Pool Cue Tip" on our website
Kamui blacks
Well all I can say is that the tips are worth the money. Switched over to Kamui's 8 months ago after having played with various other layered tips which I had been satisfied with however once you try these tips you will be hooked.

I also provide cue repair, tipping etc. Once I let other shooters try the kamui's many of them have asked to try it out. The response from my customers has been very positive.

Kris Osborn- saginaw/thumb area of Michigan
Reviewed by
Black Medium
I was an avid Moori fan for several years, but after a few years and several Moori tips later I felt like the quality of the there tips have gone way down, always mushrooming and glazing over. When it came time to get a new tip my local cue maker told me about how great the kamui blacks were. I decided to give them a try and all I have to say is WOW! It seems like these tips never need to be shaped nor do they ever mushroom. They hold chalk really well.

I will say though that the medium kamui is a quite bit harder than other medium tips but I love the hit and will never switch back to another tip.
Reviewed by brookmanholmes
Best tips on the market
I used the SS first, and really loved it. Now i'm experimenting with the hard. It's not been the greatest transition, but I feel like it will be worth it in the long run to get used to using a hard tip. I don't think I'll ever use any other type of tip. The tip has great grip; english/draw/follow are all super easy with it. My SS sort of fell apart at the end of its life, which is why I decided to move to a hard tip; to see if there is a better life to it.
Reviewed by 8ballwizard43344
After having a Kamui black tip put on my shaft i won't play with any other tip on the market!!!!!
Reviewed by irthunder
Black Kamui
For years I was a LePro fan. My cue repair guy talked me into putting on a Kamui tip and told me if I did not like it he would give me my money back! Thought that was kinda gutsy but I went with it. Now all my cues have a Kamui tip. They last and really grab the cue ball.
Kamui black, soft
I got exactly what I asked for! I am an eight and nine ball league player (APA) and I demand a lot from a tip. I use and depend upon my ability to draw a ball, sometimes up to 7ft+ back and Kamui doesn't let me down! I had Seyberts install a Kamui Black soft tip on my new Schon iV (Ivory ferrule) series shaft (purchased from Seyberts) and I am very satisfied with the workmanship and quality. I use Kamui chalk in concert with my Kamui black soft tip and am very happy with the results! Kamui, not just a bunch of hype, real results that I can honestly attest to!
Reviewed by JBrillo11254
I purchased a cue during my trip to the APA Nationals. When I got home, I brought the cue in to my cue maker (Mike Wheeler) to extend the tapper and replace the tip. The tip was a Kamui Blk (M) on the cue. Realizing that I had no clue about the tip, he insisted that I shoot with it first, then decide if I wanted it changed. Needless to say, about 4 months later I was back with every shaft for every cue that I own.
This tip is UNREAL !!! You get more control and more spin. It holds chalk longer and cuts down on miscues. It allows you to go to a softer, more forgiving tip, with out having to worry about the tip mushrooming or getting out of shape. Unmatched performance through and through.
If your worried about the price, then your not serious enough about your game!
Reviewed by Zappy
Tip Top Tip!
I used to think the original Moori mediums were the best tips ever made. I now think they are the second best tip ever made, because Kamui Black Mediums are on a different planet entirely. Yes, they grip well. Yes, you don't miscue very often. Yes, they hold their shape. But what makes these special - unique, possibly - is the sheer authority over the cue ball this tip gives you. Simply put, the cue ball goes where you want it to go, and thanks you for it after it's done it. It does what you want, when you want, how you want.

They're a joy to play with and are the best 20 bucks you'll ever spend on pool equipment, period.
Reviewed by alovevv
alovevv bought "Kamui Black Pool Cue Tip" on our website
Kamui Black A1
I had Keith Josey put 2 Kamui Black Tips on my new cue he made me, I have a Predator 314 and Z shafts with a Med and a Soft Tips. These are the best tips I have ever played with. I like the Black Kamui Soft better, it puts a little more english than the Med. Great Tips I highly recomend!!!!
Reviewed by longhoang27
Never going back to another tip
I purchased one of these just to try it out and I loved it. It lasted longer than any other tip I have had, and I recently purchased a new shaft because I loved how my friends played with a kamui black on it, but the tip on it was a moori medium which was brand new so I am still in the process of using the tip up because I hate wasting a new tip, but playing with the moori has only made me realize how much more I liked the kamui
Reviewed by poolnoob
Kamui Black
Have been using Kamui black for almost a year now, no mushroom problems at all. Tip is consistent since first day of installation. Think tip will last another year at least , maybe even more than 2 years more looking at the rate things are going.
Reviewed by jassenchua
best cue tip
When i started using this tip i never changed to other cue tips anymore. I have more consistent cue ball control with more power. I have less miscue with this tip.
Reviewed by jose luis
Kamui black
Kamui S, and now SS are definately one of the best tips I have tried. Although I started with Kamui M, I got a hard as a rock tip once, and I had to change it two days later.

The S, is hard enough if you trim it down low, and it gives a fantastic feel to play with. It has a nice touch on the cue ball, and allows you to put lots of english on your shots, without misscues.

great choice. Try the SS if you have the chance, they are my choice now, and Im playing better than ever!!!
Reviewed by Souforte
Kamui tips
Kamui tips is one of the best tip brands around. No doubt about that, but still no one can deny that Moori Tips construction are better, less likely to have delamination problems etc
If this brand was just a little bit cheaper he could win more, cause its a top brand, but i still prefer Moori over Kamui
Reviewed by Yawger
My next tip!
I tried this tip at the trade show in Vegas. Shot two full racks of full draw and never miscued once. I found I could shoot softer getting the same draw I usually do, but with greater accuracy and more confidence. I'm officially converted and this will be my next tip.
Reviewed by vincentwu817
Great tips
While 20 bucks for one tip may seem pricey, but it certainly plays better than other tips I have tried. I have played both the Black S and SS and they don't mushroom and rarely requires reshaping. Most of all these tips really do "grip" the cue ball a lot better than some other tips I have tried. The S plays more like a Moori Medium and then SS is more like the Moori soft in terms of hardness.
Reviewed by Rcasse1
Amazing Tip
Have been using the soft Kamui Black tip for almost a month and love it. The feel and control is the best I've felt with a tip. Like most reviews say it plays a level harder than the actual title of the tip. I like a medium tip so I bought the soft and it plays just how I like it. Have been using it on my lucasi zero Flexpoint shaft and I just ordered a predator Z 2 shaft so I can't wait to really see this tip in action with that shaft!

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