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Grady Mathews DVD Finer Points of Pool

Grady Mathews Instructional Video on DVD - Finer Points of Pool
Grady Mathews DVD Finer Points of Pool
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THIS CLASSIC VIDEO IS NOW ON DVD! Grady “The Professor” Matthews assumes you are an intermediate player with solid mechanics and a basic working knowledge of banks and English. After reviewing several banking and kicking systems, he then divulges secrets on one-, two- and three-rail kicks, jump shots, rail-first masses’, high percentage safety plays, when to use a force follow rather than draw, and much, much more! Sprinkled with humor and doused with intelligence, The Professor shares many tips that will easily take your game to the next level. Grady is one of the finest instructors in the world, and his incredible knowledge is all here for you to learn from.

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Reviewed by alovevv
A classic dvd from a classic player, rapid fire shots intermingled with Grady's humor. He does go quickley thru the shots so you may have to stop and rewind or view it several times but he has some invaluable information to pass on. A must for any player or for your collection.

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