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Emerald Pool Cue Tip

Tiger has created the latest masterpiece, Emerald Laminated Cue Tips. The (medium hard) Emerald laminated cue tips are made with recycled pig leather splits and laminated with water based custom-made adhesives to get the maximum strength for lamination. Skived with 10 consistent layers in our factory and laminated with Vaculam ( vacuum lamination process ) Emerald tips are the most economic and environmentally friendly laminated cue tips ever. 14mm tip must be cut down to fit your shafts diameter.

Price is for 1 tip

Emerald Pool Cue Tip
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Reviewed by JohnnyBanjo
Emerald laminated tips
I have been a pool table mechanic and cue repairman for 15 years. Recently, I installed an Emerald laminated tip on my main cue. After several weeks of play I can highly recommend this tip. The hit is solid and consistent. The thing the I noticed the most is the way the tip takes chalk. The tip has a "micro-texture" to it that is very condusive to holding chalk, "Very-Gritty" , almost like rosin on a violinists bow. Also the tip is very affordable. If you have been wanting to try a laminated tip, give this one a chance, I love mine !!
Reviewed by rhodleng
rhodleng bought "Emerald Pool Cue Tip" on our website
excellent product for its price
very cheap and very satisfied with this layered tip considering the benefits you can get on using layered tips..very affordable.
Reviewed by Kaiserbob18
Excellent Value
I bought a Pechauer SE1 from Seyberts a month ago and it came with the Emerald tip... perfect compliment to a solid hitting cue. The tip hits nice and solid, I break with the cue with no worries of mushrooming, yet imparts plenty of english easily and holds chalk beautifully... not a hint of needing shaping or roughing in any way! I saw these tips described elsewhere as 'deceptively cheap' and that's spot on IMHO.
Reviewed by Nicko
good cheap tip
What more can I say. It is just a good cheap tip that works well.

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