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2X4 Black/Blue Leather Geo Case

The Instroke Geo line of cue cases is a stylish, less expensive alternative to the traditional leather Instroke pool cue cases. These cases are made from recycled leather which very closely resembles the real thing. The interior of the Geo case is padded and lined, holding padded, and lined rigid PVC tubes for each pool cue shaft and butt. On the front of the Geo case are two pockets. On the front of the cue case are two pickets. The top compartment fastens with a silver toned thumb latch closure. On the bottom of the pool cue case is a larger pocket. This has a zippered closure. On the side of the cue case is a carrying handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.
2X4 Black/Blue Leather Geo Case
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Reviewed by zmuirbrook
Small issues, but none better all around.
I have had this case for about 12 years.

Looks: This case looks great. It looks nothing like the pic. It is darker and more navy blue which is nicer than the pic (brighter/purple). You can find much truer pictures searching externally (seems to be the case for all GEOs). I get compliments on it all the time.

Protection: The protection of this case is outstanding. The snug fit of the tube style holders is very protective. They also have a hard outer shell to top it off. The sticks can go in either way reducing the possibility of damaged joints if you don't have protectors. The only caveat is that the jump handle is not as protected. There is just thin fabric separating the main compartment from the jump handle. Hard objects in the main compartment could damage the handle.

Function: They fit my longer shafts with joint protectors easily. The jump cue holder is handy although I usually have to shift the contents of the main compartment to put it back in. I did eventually stick a tube in the jump holder. It serves both to protect the handle and to hold its place while in use. That would have been a nice feature to include (or at least a stiffer leather divider). Also the compartments themselves are a little small for my preference.

Durability: After about 10 years of use the handle on top wore off, and the side handle was starting to. I don't know if patent leather would have lasted longer or not? But that was a lot of weight for those thin handles and I NEVER used the shoulder strap. Later I affixed the shoulder strap to the handle to beef it up.

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