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Predator Pool Cue Cases

Now you can impress the competition even before you take your first shot. With a Predator case, you'll be protecting your valuable equipment and looking good at the same time. Specially designed to combine both elegance and comfort, our cases offer the same innovation and quality you've come to expect from our cues. So pick one up and make a lasting impression.


Item#: CSY1X1B
Predator Sport Soft 1x1 Case


Item#: CH1X1B
Predator Sport Hard Molded 1x1 Case


Item#: CSP2X4B
Predator Sport Black 2x4 Pool Cue Case


Item#: CSP2X4Y
Predator Sport Yellow 2x4 Pool Cue Case


Item#: CSP3X4B
Predator Sport Black Soft 3x4 Cue Case


Item#: CSP3X4Y
Predator Sport Yellow Soft 3x4 Cue Case


Item#: C3SY3X5
Predator Blak 3x5 Vinyl Case


Item#: C3SY4X8
Predator Blak 4x8 Soft Vinyl Case


Item#: C3SY2x4
Predator Blak 2x4 Vinyl Case


Item#: C3SP2X4
Predator Sport 2x4 Case


Item#: C3SP4X8S
Predator Sport 4x8 Soft Case


Cue Case Brace


Pool Gods Replacement Padded Pool Cue Case Strap


PureX Stay-Cool Pool Cue Case Strap