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Pool Table Cloth

Pool Table Cloth available through Seybert's Billiard Supply includes Simonis, Hainsworth, and Championship Cloth with only the best quality and prices. Billiard Cloth will make or break the game of pool and billiards. Pool Table Felt is available in different styles, colors, and high quality brands giving your table the look and feel of a professional tournament pool table for everyday play.

Simonis Cloth 860

Simonis 860 Cloth is Developed specifically for 9 Ball on 7 ft, 8 ft and 9 ft tables Slightly...
Simonis Cloth 860 - 7ft
Simonis Cloth 860 - 8ft
Simonis Cloth 860 - 9ft
Simonis Cloth 860 - 10ft

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Simonis HR Cloth 860

Simonis Cloth 860 HR is the most durable commercial-grade billiard cloth made. Simonis 860 HR is...
Simonis Cloth 860 HR - 7ft
Simonis Cloth 860 HR - 8ft
Simonis Cloth 860 HR - 9ft

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Simonis Cloth 760

Simonis Cloth 760 Billiard Cloth - The Original Worsted Blend High-Speed...
Simonis Cloth 760 - 7ft
Simonis Cloth 760 - 8ft
Simonis Cloth 760 - 9ft
Simonis Cloth 760 - 10ft

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Simonis Carom Cloth

Simonis 300 Rapide international high speed worsted carom table felt cannot be duplicated and is...
Simonis Cloth 300 Carom 10ft

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Saturn 2466 Pool Table Felt

Championship Saturn II Pool Table Felt is the latest edition in Championship's already extensive...
Sale Price $70.76 - 7ft Cloth
Sale Price $83.94 - 8ft Cloth

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Invitational Pool Table Felt

Invitational Championship Pool Table Felt offers the added feature of DuPont Teflon. The product...
Invitational Pool Table Felt - 7ft
Invitational Pool Table Felt - 8ft

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3045 Ultra Pool Table Felt

Mercury Ultra billiard cloth is a 19-ounce weight, woolen fabric finished to look and play like a...
3045 Ultra Table Felt - 7ft
3045 Ultra Table Felt - 8ft
3045 Ultra Table Felt - 9ft
3045 Ultra Table Felt - 10ft

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Worsted 5040 Ultra Cloth

5040 Championship Worsted Ultra Cloth with Teflon - The only worsted cloth available with the...
7' Championship Worsted Ultra Cloth With Teflon
8' Championship Worsted Ultra Cloth With Teflon

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