What are Seybert's Bucks

Seybert's Bucks are our version of Customer Loyalty Program and Rebate Program all rolled into one. When you purchase an item(s) from certain major manufacturers, you will receive Bucks to be used on your purchase. The amount of Bucks that you receive can vary depending on the item(s) purchased. Once you have acquired Bucks, you can save on all sorts of items from our site.

We found this is the best program for our customers as it offers them literally hundreds of billiard items to use their Bucks on. The beauty of this program is that once you have acquired Bucks you will save on items YOU want. Use these bucks on items that you want (or your friend wants if your feeling generous.) as our thanks for allowing us to serve your billiard needs.

You must have a Seyberts User Account and be logged in to utilize the bucks program.

How it works

Once you are logged in, all items that provide you Bucks will have a Bucks icon above the product on its product page. This icon signifies that you will receive the listed amount of Bucks with that particular items purchase. Once you have put that item in your shopping cart, you will notice that not only has the item been added to your cart, but the amount of "Bucks" in the Cart Bar at the top of the page has increased to the amount of Bucks provided by that items purchase. When you aquire Seybert Bucks from adding a cue or product to your cart and go back through our site you will notice that the bucks have automatically deducted off other items you are looking at, showing you the new price you can purchase the product for. If you wish to purchase the item the gives you the bucks but want to save the aquired bucks for a future purchase you need to create an account before checking out or the bucks will be forfeited.

The "Available Seybert's Bucks" amount is the amount of online credit that you can go to our site and purchase extra items with.

Unfortunately the only way for us to track and for our customer to use Seybert's Bucks is to submit the orders online.

The only "catch" is that you cannot use Seybert's Bucks to reduce the price of an item(s) that provides you Bucks or shipping charges.

The good thing is that if you add another item that provides you Bucks, the amount of Bucks from the new product will be added to your current amount of "Available Seybert's Bucks."

If you go to a product page and have "Available Seybert's Bucks" in your cart. The product page will show you your new lower price for that item as your available "Bucks". These Bucks will be automatically applied to the price of the item you are currently looking at.

Saving Bucks For Future Use.

If you purchase something today that provides you with "Available Seybert's Bucks" but you don't want to use them on your current order, you must create a user account when you check out to save them. Then, any unused "Available Seybert's Bucks" will be available to you the next time you login at Seybert's Billiard Supply. Using this method, you can save up your Bucks to purchase bigger items or even free items. Please note, Seybert's Bucks can only be held for a period of one year. If one year has passed since you received your Seybert's Bucks, they will be forfeited. Please be aware of your Bucks and their expiration date.

To save your Seybert's Bucks, You must create an account in which to store your bucks for future use!

You will know if you are getting Seybert's Bucks by the product with the bucks image displayed on the product.

Please Note:
At this time some brands are excluded from our Seybert's Bucks Program.

What Brands Can I use my Seybert's Bucks on to reduce the price?

Anything that you do not receive Seybert's Bucks on or are not excluded from the bucks program due to manufacturer agreements.

Questions - Drop us a call toll free at 1-877-314-2837 or visit this page