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Predator Z-2 High Performance Shafts - Predator Shafts

Predator shafts Z 2nd generation high performance shafts are for the lowest deflection cue shafts on the market. This second generation Predator Z Shaft features a improved tip, shorter ferrule and a new joint system. The new enhanced technology of the Predator Cues new Predator Z 2 Shafts will give you the ultimate pool playing experience. Browse through the many joint styles available for purchase on your new Predator Cues Z 2 Cue Shaft below. Custom fit Predator Z 2 Cue Shafts are also available. Call toll free 1-877-314-2837 for details.

5/16 x 14 Joints

Predator Z 2 second generation shafts are high performance with the lowest deflection on the market. The new technology in the Predator Z2 offers 51% more reduction in cue ball deflection over standard shafts. With phenolic joint insert the...
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5/16 x 18 Joints

Predator Z2 second generation shafts are the top high performance shafts on the market. Reduce cue ball deflection by 51% compared to conventional shafts. The new technology in the Predator Z2 will give you the ultimate playing experience....
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3/8 x 10 Joints

Predator 2nd Generation Z-2 Shafts with a 10 thread joint most commonly found on McDermott Cues and many others pool cue brands. Bring your game to the next level with the new 2nd Generation Predator Z-2 Shafts.
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Predator Z 2nd Generation shaft for Schon Custom Cues. Lowest deflection shaft available. European taper and 11.75mm tip diameter for the most accurate shot yet.
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Pechauer Joints

Predator Z 2nd Generation Pechauer joint shafts for your Pechauer cue at You love your cue, we get it. But you want the performance of a Predator. Get the shaft that is going to change your game. Predator Z 2nd Generation shafts are...
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McDermott QR Joints

Seybert's Billiard Supply offers custom built Predator Z-2 2nd Generation cue shafts with the McDermott Quick Release Joint to fit your current McDermott pool cue. With several styles of custom McDermott ring-work, your new Predator Z-2 2nd...
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3/8 x 11 Joints

Predator Cues Z-2 2nd Generation High Performance Shafts featuring the 3/8 X 11 thread joint. Take your game to the next level with the new Predator Z-2 Shafts today!
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Poison Joints

Predator Z 2nd Generation Pool Cues Shafts for Poison Cues. Up your game with a Z2 shaft. 11.75mm tip diameter with the European taper
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Cuetec Joints

Seyberts can do what others cannot. Seyberts Billiard Supply can customize shafts to match and fit your existing cue. Why not add a little power to something you already have?
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Item#: CTMRCZ2
Predator Custom Z-2 Richard Chudy Shaft
Predator Shaft Z 2 Cognoscenti 7/16 x 11