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Premium Pool Ball Sets

"At Aramith, they are fully dedicated to supply the best billiard equipment, for the full satisfaction of both players and billiard-related businesses. We are proud to provide you with the most reliable and valuable products in their category with the Aramith Billiard Ball Line."


Item#: BSIB
New Style Ballstar Injestor Bottle


Old Style Ballstar Injestor Bottle


Item#: BSNP
New Style Ballstar Replacement Nozzle Pads


Old Style Ballstar Replacement Nozzle Pads


Item#: BSRP
New Style Ballstar Replacement Pads Set of 3


Old Style Ballstar Replacement Pads Set of 3


Item#: BSLC
Ballstar 2 Liter Liquid Ball Cleaner


Item#: AR1142
Aramith Pool Ball Case


Item#: AR1017
Aramith Bumper Pool Balls


Item#: BS6BI
New Style Ballstar 6 Blade Impeller


Item#: BS8BI
New Style Ballstar 8 Blade Impeller


Item#: BS8BI-OLD
Old Style Ballstar 8 Blade Impeller
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Item#: AR1046
Aramith Standard Pool Ball Set


Item#: 11-116
Super Aramith Tournament Carom Ball Set


Item#: PBB
Aramith Premier Pool Ball Set


Item#: 11-128
Super Aramith Pro-Cup Carom Ball Set


Item#: AR1043
Aramith Premium Pool Ball Set


Item#: AR1143
Aramith Aluminum Pool Ball and Cue Case


Item#: AR1045
Stone Aramith Pool Ball Set


Item#: AR1026
Camouflage Aramith Pool Ball Set


Item#: AR1039
Aramith Super Pro Pool Ball Set


Item#: AR1040
TV Pro Cup Pool Ball Set


Item#: AR1038
Aramith Super Pro Value Pack


Item#: 11-165
Glow In The Dark Aramith Pool Ball Set


Item#: AR1141
Aramith Tournament Pool Ball Set


Item#: ARTV
Aramith Tournament TV Pool Ball Set


Item#: ARVP
Aramith Tournament Value Pack


Item#: BSBC
Ballstar Pool Ball Cleaner
Aramith - Table Top Display
Aramith Billiard Ball Sets

Aramith phenolic resin : why it makes the difference !

Aramith Billiard Ball SetsHeavy duty design

Aramith Billiard Ball SetsRather than a polyester number-plug-design, the Aramith concepthas the numbers precision-engraved in a solid core that runs all the way through the ball. As such, it is impossible for number-cores to fall out over time. Using phenolic resin assures homogeneous characteristics in each ball part. So homogeneous that when finally getting to its breaking point (and one needs minimum a 5 ton-load in case of an Aramith ball), the ball will break up totally at random, and not along the parting line between the stripe and the rest of the ball, as one would expect.


Aramith Billiard Ball SetsBurn-spot resistant

Aramith Billiard Ball SetsHitting a cue ball actually accelerates it from 0 to over 30 km/h (20 MPH) in just a fraction of a second.The resulting friction temperature between ball and cloth can easily reach 250?c (482?F). That's why Aramith balls are the only ones made from genuine phenolic resin : their molecular structure is engineered to be wear resistant at these high temperatures, making Aramith balls far less vulnerable to abrasive burn-spots. They hold their high luster and smoothness over a much longer period of time, resulting in minimal ball and table cloth wear.


Aramith Billiard Ball SetsHigh Impact resistance

Aramith Billiard Ball SetsBecause hitting the balls is the essence of the billiard game, impact resistance is a critical factor. Aramith's phenolic heat-curing process fully stabilizes material tensions. It produces a vitrified high-density surface that offers maximum impact resistance. Tests show Aramith phenolic balls to withstand to over 50 times more impacts than other polymer or polyester balls. They are also twice more scratch-resistant.
Consequently, when intensively used even on less maintained tables, Aramith balls are clearly far less easily damaged than others by pocket fixings, table mechanisms or cue sticks...