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Traditional Series Pool Tables

Shipped direct from one of the worlds largest billiard table manufacturing plants, The Smoky Mountain Pool Tables are the MADE IN THE USA out of solid North American Hardwoods and offers a Lifetime guarantee on parts and manufacturing.

Smoky Mountain pool tables are created and crafted with the sole intention of providing you and your family years of quality family enjoyment. The Pool Table Frame is Pre-Assembled, Pre-Leveled and squared and triple checked for quality control inside the manufacturing plant to ensure an efficient and trouble free installation in your home.

It is with this attention to detail, superior grade construction materials and American Made Craftsmanship that makes Smoky Mountain Billiards the choice for an American made professional grade pool table for your home!

Crockett Traditional Pool Table


$3, 495.00
$2, 970.75
Houston Traditional Pool Table


Product ID : HOUSTON
$3, 495.00
$2, 970.75
Jackson Traditional Pool Table


Product ID : JACKSON
$3, 495.00
$2, 970.75
Jones Traditional Pool Table


Product ID : JONES
$3, 495.00
$2, 970.75
Presley Traditional Pool Table


Product ID : PRESLEY
$3, 495.00
$2, 970.75
York Traditional Pool Table


Product ID : YORK
$3, 495.00
$2, 970.75
The Smoky Mountain Billiards Origin
Why Seybert's Billiard Supply created The Smoky Mountain Billiard Company, the producers of professional grade pool tables manufactured by American craftsmen in the United States. READ MORE
Features & Benefits
Learn why Smoky Mountain Billiard tables have the frames pre-built, squared and leveled in the factory, the many benefits of the Power Liner Stabilizing Platform,  plus much, much more. READ MORE
The Lumber Selection
When We say "all wood", we mean ALL NORTH AMERICAN HARDWOOD! Smoky Mountain Billiards hardwood lumber is cured and processed to remain stable in any climate.  READ MORE
Lifetime Guarantee / Warranty
Full Lifetime Warranty on parts and workmanship. Full five year guarantee on rail rubber cushion. 
Shipping Methods Explained
We offer FREE SHIPPING to the nearest truck terminal in your area. Curbside with lift gate delivery is available as well as full installations by our national network of professional installers. READ MORE
Online Problems & Our Solutions
There were many problems to overcome to market pool tables online. In addition, we had to overcome many unscrupulous dealers and the reputations they have perpetuated on the net as well. READ MORE
Online Pool Table Comparisons
We have created this online pool table comparison chart to see how the Smoky Mountain Billiards brand pool tables stacks up against other online pool tables that are offered. READ MORE
Don't be fooled by big discounts!
Many online pool table dealers will highly inflate their suggested retail price on the pool tables they offer. So, just because the SRP is $5000.00 and it is on sale today for $1500.00 does not make it a good deal, if makes it a deal to be wary of...