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Schon Cues CX Series

Schon cues use of Exotic materials give each cue its own look and character. Each cue is hand built here in the USA with top quality craftsmanship and design.


Item#: CX86
Schon CX86 Pool Cue


Item#: CX16
Schon CX16 Pool Cue


Item#: CX01
Schon CX01 Pool Cue


Item#: CX85
Schon CX85 Pool Cue
$1, 130.00


Item#: CX83
Schon CX83 Pool Cue
$1, 070.00


Item#: CX80
Schon CX80 Pool Cue


Item#: CX03
Schon CX03 Pool Cue


Item#: CX77
Schon CX77 Pool Cue


Item#: CX76
Schon CX76 Pool Cue


Item#: CX53
Schon CX53 Pool Cue


Item#: CX52
Schon CX52 Pool Cue
$1, 250.00
$1, 000.00


Item#: CX51
Schon CX51 Pool Cue
$1, 200.00


Item#: CX48
Schon CX48 Pool Cue
$1, 010.00


Item#: CX37
Schon CX37 Pool Cue


Item#: CX33
Schon CX33 Pool Cue


Item#: CX04
Schon CX04 Pool Cue


Item#: CX02
Schon CX02 Pool Cue

Schon Cues are a standard 58" cue.

Weights range from 18.5 oz. to about 21 oz.
Extra lengths may be obtained by use of a longer shaft.
The cue butts are built on a special hybrid core of laminated woods.
All materials are of high integrity ,white inlays are elephant ivory, black is ebony, etc.
Schon Custom Cues utilize a Phenolic lined stainless steel joint and stainless steel pin.
Butt plates are made of high impact delrin.
The joint is piloted and mates with a phenolic cushioned brass insert on the shaft.
Shafts are available in diameter from 13mm to 12mm and in length from 29" to 30".
Schon Cues ferrules are offered in two styles, the standard Schon ferrules and elephant ivory ferrules.
Tips are Schons own special Schon cue tips.