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Pool Cue Cases By Size - cue cases categorized by size

Undecided on what style pool cue case your are looking for? You can search top name brands like Predator, Instroke, Joe Porper and more by cue case size below. Please make your preferred cue case size selection below to see our complete line of cue cases in that size.

1 Butt 1 Shaft

Featuring a wide variety of popular brand cases for 1 butt and 1 shaft. If you are looking for...

See all 1 Butt 1 Shaft

1 Butt 2 Shafts

Protect your cues with your favorite pool cue case brand below. We offer a large selection of...

See all 1 Butt 2 Shafts

2 Butts 2 Shafts

Large Variety of 2x2 or 2 Butts, 2 Shafts Pool Cue Cases. Whether you are looking for soft cases,...

See all 2 Butts 2 Shafts

2 Butts 3 Shafts

Pool Cue Cases for 2 butts 3 shafts in a variety of designs and brands ranging from Instroke,...

See all 2 Butts 3 Shafts

2 Butts 4 Shafts

Find your cue case by size. We stock a large variety of soft and hard cases in the brands you...

See all 2 Butts 4 Shafts

3 Butts 5 Shafts

Whether you need a hard case or a soft case, Seyberts carries both. Instroke, Porper, Pool Gods,...

See all 3 Butts 5 Shafts

3 Butts 7 Shafts

Large Selection of 3x7 pool cue cases from all the major brands. Browse the many selections of...

See all 3 Butts 7 Shafts

4 Butts 8 Shafts

4X8 Cue Cases - 4 Butt 8 Shaft Cue Cases are available from the top manufacturers of cue cases...

See all 4 Butts 8 Shafts

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