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Instroke Vinyl Premier Pool Cue Case

  • Only the best quality vinyl available is used for the exterior
  • Interior tubes of the same quality PVC as the other Introke Cue Cases
  • Premier does not have the pouch for the handle of the jump cue.
  • Available in either Black or Burgundy exterior color
  • Side mounted Shoulder Strap
  • Easy opening top. One twist. One pull. One hand. No matter what others advertise, Instroke cases are the easiest to open and close, and the most protective opened or closed.
  • Butts and Shafts stored joint up or down. Instroke interiors conform to your cue so you can place your cues up or down according to your personal preference. No beating on, or shaking the case is need to remove the cues, just a little side pressure and pull. Easy!

Instroke Premier Series Cue Cases are available in a variety of hole congifurations


Item#: P1X1B
1X1 Black Premier Case


Item#: P1X2B
1X2 Black Premier Case


Item#: P2X2B
2X2 Black Premier Case


Item#: P2X2BUR
2X2 Burgundy Premier Case


Item#: P2X3B
2X3 Black Premier Case


Item#: P2X3BUR
2X3 Burgundy Premier Case


Item#: P2X4B
2X4 Black Premier Case


Item#: P2X4BUR
2X4 Burgundy Premier Case


Item#: P3X5B
3X5 Black Premier Case


Item#: P3X5BUR
3X5 Burgundy Premier Case


Item#: P3X7B
3X7 Black Premier Case


Item#: P3X7BUR
3X7 Burgundy Premier Case


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