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V Series Pool Tables

Olhausen Pool Tables - For centuries, the finest hardwoods were only available to the wealthy. However, the desire for hardwood today is not restricted to the privileged few.

Veneers offer the consumer the look of expensive hardwoods without the price. Olhausen Billiard Pool Tables uses wood with the most beautiful grain pattern in its veneer work, helping the customer achieve the look they want without the added price.

You'll earn $357.30

Item#: 050-201-01001-000-14L
Gibraltar Olhausen Pool Table
$3, 573.00

You'll earn $319.60

Item#: 051-211-01001-7D0-149
Reno Olhausen Pool Table
$3, 196.00

You'll earn $306.50

Item#: 052-201-01001-000-14S
Sheraton Olhausen Pool Table
$3, 065.00