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Pool Table Supplies

Pool Table Supplies at Seybert's Billiard Supply includes everything you need for Valley, Brunswick, Olhausen, and Connelly pool table parts. Pool Table Repairs can be done easily with everything you need from Seybert's Billiard Supply.

Delta-13 Products

The DELTA-13 ball rack gives a tighter rack, better breaks, for lots more fun at the pool table. Why spend thousands of dollars for a quality pool table and not buy a quality pool ball rack? The break is a very important part of your game....
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Coin-Op Pool Table Supplies

Valley Repair Parts will also fit Dynamo, Fisher, and most coin-op style bar box pool tables repair parts and supplies.
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Pool Ball Sets

Pool Ball Sets for you pool table - Seybert's Billiard Supply offers a wide range of single pool balls and pool balls sets.
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Pool Table Brushes

Pool table brushes and cleaners to keep your billiard cloth clean from dirt, grime and chalk that will build up over time causing drag in your game.
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Pool Table Cleaners

Simonis Cloth X-1 Cleaner, Cue Silk Products, and Quick Clean are all amazing products. If they didn't work we would not sell them. For more information call us direct at 1-877-314-2837
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Repair Supplies

Full selection of pool table parts and supplies to make the restoration of your pool table as easy as possible. We offer everything from staple pullers to the decorative rail caps to do the job right..
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Single Pool Balls

Single Replacement Pool Balls For your Pool Table.
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Pool Table Play Kits

Pool table play kits from Aramith, Brunswick, and HJ Scott just to name a few. Looking for everything you need to get your pool table ready for play? These pool table kits come standard with pool balls, pool cues, and ball racks. Choose from a...
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Pool Ball Cleaners

Pool ball cleaners to help you maintain that new pool ball look. Over time your pool balls will collect dirt, chalk and other debris causing your pool balls to play less accurate. Clean Pool balls will give greater accuracy and less throw.
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Rail Rubbers

Replacement pool table rail rubber / bumpers. Bring the bounce back to your pool table with quality replacement rail rubber.
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Pool Table Pockets

Complete list of replacement pool table pockets for your table. We offer leather fringe and shield as well as a variety of drop pocket styles.
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Pool Table Covers

Quality pool table covers from Brunswick, Hood, Olhausen, and Pro Series. Custom pool table covers and inserts from Hood Leather.
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Pool Cue Racks

Pool Cue Racks - Seyberts Billiard Supply offers a wide variety of Billiard Cue Racks.
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Ball Racks

Pool Ball Racks - Seybert’s Billiard Supply offers a wide range of billiard ball racks including such brands as Delta-13 racks.
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Pool Table Lighting

Pool table lighting is one of the most important aspects of setting up your home game room. Toping off a quality pool table with the proper lighting is essential for you and your family to have the greatest experience enjoying your pool...
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