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Schon Pool Cue Shafts

Schon Custom Cues are built on excellence in the USA from Exotic Woods and Inlays. These cues are never exactly the same. Inlays, stains, and butt caps will change to hold true on custom.
Item#: XSSTL
Schon 29" Standard Shaft
Item#: XSSTL30
Schon 30" Standard Shaft
Jacoby The Edge Hybrid Schon Joint Cue Shaft
Item#: SCHON3142LOGO
Predator Shaft 314 2 5/16 X 14 Schon Logo
Predator Shaft Z 2 5/16 X 14 Schon Logo
OB Classic XL Shaft Schon Joint
Predator Custom Schon S-Tuned Z-2 Shaft

  • The joint is 5/16 X 14 piloted and mates with a phenolic cushioned brass insert on the shaft.
  • The Schon Custom Cue shafts are considered to be interchangeable. In most instances, a new shaft will screw on to your cue without problems.
  •  Shafts are available in diameter from 11.5mm to 13mm and in length from 18" to 32".
  • Schon Cues ferrules are offered in two styles, the standard Schon ferrules and elephant ivory ferrules.
  • Tips are Schons own special Schon cuetips.