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Schon Custom Pool Cue

Schon custom cues continue to build on the tradition of excellence, offering some of the best playing cues in the world. Closely held proprietary manufacturing techniques set Schon Custom Cues a world apart from the rest of the cue world. Designed by Evan Clarke, Schon Custom Cues innovative cue master, these cues play to near perfection. Each cue truly stands for the German meaning behind the name - Beautiful. Stains and veneers may vary in color as per Schon Custom Cues manufacturing practices.

Schon STL Series Cues

Schon STL is a collection of 21 cues which are the classic favorites from all...
Schon STL11 Pool Cue
Schon STL1 Pool Cue
Schon STL13 Pool Cue
Schon STL14 Pool Cue

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Schon LTD Series Cues

Since 1999 Schon Cues have limited their production of LTD special edition...
Schon LTD1704 Pool Cue
Schon LTD1303 Pool Cue
Schon LTD1402 Pool Cue

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Schon Cues Elite Series

Schon Elite cues are limited to no more then 7 cues once these 7 cues are...

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Schon SP Series Cues

Schon SP cues are special edition cues made in small editions but not limited...
Schon SP Cue BW4 Sneaky Pete
Schon BW2 Sneaky Pete
Schon BW5 Pool Cue

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