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Predator Special Edition Cues

Innovative Predator technology meets the industry top cue makers and most renowned artisans to create Predator Cues special edition gallery cues.

Each Predator Cue special edition represents a special relationship between Predator and a chosen design partner, and each cue reflects the unique vision, techniques and artistry of that designer.

The result is a priceless playing experience and cues that will be the centerpiece of any collection. You never know who we might work with Predator next, but to date, Predator Cues has been proud to partner with many of the platinum names in the world of pool.


Item#: PCSE28
Predator Cues Special Edition Lancea 1 Pool Cue
$1, 795.00
$1, 525.75


Item#: P3GRN
Predator P3 Limited Edition Grey No Wrap


Item#: P3LBN
Predator P3 Cognac Limited Edition Black No Wrap
$1, 049.00


Item#: P3LCGLN
Predator P3 Cognac Limited Edition Golden No Wrap
$1, 049.00


Item#: P3LCGLW
Predator P3 Cognac Limited Edition Golden With Wrap
$1, 099.00


Item#: P3KIT
Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit

Predator Cues Special Edition Cues


Predator Cues Special Editon Collectors Cues


They've been called weapons of mass distraction. From the first moment you get your hands on one, you'll see why. Every three months, Predator Cues offers true aficionados the opportunity to own a Limited Edition or a Special Edition Predator Cue. With a restricted number produced in each edition. These exclusive cues combine the best in beauty and technology for a priceless playing experience.