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Predator Ikon 2 Cues

Predator Ikon 2nd Generation Pool cues feature sharp, bold, high contrast designs and is a rare combination of both beauty and performance. The newest features to the Ikons is the advanced C4+ technology, it provides an event more consistent and pure playing experience, and also the Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge system that can be tuned to a players stroke and conditions within .1oz.


Item#: 2IKON-1
Predator Cue 2Ikon -1


Item#: 2IKON-3
Predator Cue 2Ikon-3


Item#: 2IKON-4
Predator Cue 2Ikon-4


Item#: 2IKON-5
Predator Cue 2Ikon-5


Item#: 2IKON-6
Predator Cue 2Ikon-6
$1, 099.00


Item#: 2IKON-7
Predator Cue 2Ikon-7
$1, 199.00
$1, 079.10


Item#: 2IKON-9
Predator Cue 2Ikon-9
$1, 499.00
$1, 349.10