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Predator Cue Cases

Bring a Predator Blak or Sport Case to the table, and stand out as a force to be reckoned with. Whether your style is sleek or sporty, all our Predator cases are as practical as they are striking. With pockets specially designed to hold all your pool essentials, the beauty of these cases is much more than skin deep.


Item#: C3SW2X4B
Predator Racer Limited Edition Black and White 2x4 Case


Item#: C3SW2X4W
Predator Racer Limited Edition White 2x4 Case


Item#: CSP1X1
Predator Sport 1x1 Case


Item#: C3SP2X4
Predator Sport 2x4 Case


Item#: C3SP4X8S
Predator Sport 4x8 Soft Case


Item#: PO1x1B
Poison 1x1 Hard Pool Cue Case


Item#: PO2x4B
Poison 2x4 Black Pool Cue Case


Item#: PO2x4R
Poison 2x4 Red Pool Cue Case


Item#: PO4x8B
Poison 4x8 Soft Pool Cue Case


Item#: C3SY1X1
Predator Blak 1x1 Vinyl Case


Item#: C3SY3X5
Predator Blak 3x5 Vinyl Case


Item#: C3SY4X8
Predator Blak 4x8 Soft Vinyl Case