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Portland Series Pool Tables

Olhausen Billiards Pool Tables The Portland Series is Olhausen's new Solid Wood line. A quality product offering at an affordable price to suit any lifestyle or home decor.

Olhausen Pool Tables - "The Best in Billiards" with dedication to quality, service, selection and value. 

You'll earn $340.60

Item#: 0E1-200-01003-630-17C
Classic Olhausen Pool Table
$3, 406.00

You'll earn $387.10

Item#: 0E4-200-01003-240-039
Eclipe Olhausen Pool Table
$3, 871.00

You'll earn $417.00

Item#: 0E6-210-01003-3A0-38X
Hampton Olhausen Pool Table
$4, 170.00

You'll earn $402.10

Item#: 0E5-200-01003-6B0-17S
Provincial Olhausen Pool Table
$4, 021.00

You'll earn $379.30

Item#: 0E2-200-01003-2E0-1HY
Southern Olhausen Pool Table
$3, 793.00

You'll earn $402.10

Item#: 0E3-200-01003-6G0-0EC
Stratford Olhausen Pool Table
$4, 021.00

You'll earn $426.00

Item#: 0E0-210-01003-2H0-3EJ
Virginian Olhausen Pool Table
$4, 260.00