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Pool and billiard training and entertaining book. Intrustional pool but by top authors and instructors like Phil Capelle, The Monk, Robert Byrnes and many more.

Phil Capelle

Phil Capelle is pool’s most prolific instructional author. His books have all earned rave reviews from a wide range of industry experts, and from players like yourself who have improved after reading them. His books are for all levels of players...
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Pro Skill Drills Books Blowout

What Makes You Better How do you know if your game is improving? What if I Can show you a way to measurably see your progress toward increasing your handicap? I can and it’s through the time tested method of training drills. I have the...
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Assorted Books

Assorted books for the reader or the player that is looking for improvement. carries a large variety of novel billiard books and self help instructional guides to fit your needs.
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