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Phil Capelle Instructional Books

Phil Capelle is pool’s most prolific instructional author. His books have all earned rave reviews from a wide range of industry experts, and from players like yourself who have improved after reading them. His books are for all levels of players and they focus on what you really need to know, not shots or drills of things that seldom come up in a game. Capelle’s books feature detailed contents so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Diagrams are perfectly drawn to scale with secrets to mastering the sport that can be readily applied to your game.


Item#: PYB910
Phil Capelle Play Your Best 9 And 10 Ball


Item#: PYB8
Phil Capelle Play Your Best Eight Ball Book


Item#: PCBSP
Phil Capelle Break Shot Patterns Book with DVD


Item#: PCPP
Phil Capelle Practicing Pool Book


Item#: PYBP
Phil Capelle Play You Best Pool Book


Item#: PYBSP
Phil Capelle Play Your Best Straight Pool Book


Item#: MIND
Phil Capelle A Mind For Pool Book


Mike Massey's World Of Trick Shots with Phil Capelle Book


Item#: 9BBD
Phil Capelle on 9-Ball Archer vs. Reyes Book/DVD