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Pechauer Camelot II Limited Edition Cues

The Pechauer Camelot Limited Edition Series Cues feature a highly figured Birds-eye Maple grip area. The forearms boast six Ebony or Burl points framed in Holly Wood or Curly Maple respectively. Completing the unique concept and design of the Camelot series is the exclusive Pechauer Crown Jewel Shaft with points, frames, and inlays to match.
Free Snagg RFID Chips installed in all Pechauer Pro, Camelot and Limited Edition Cues.
Item#: CAM7
Oxford Pechauer Camelot 7 Pool Cue
Item#: CAM8
Yorkshire Pechauer Camelot 8 Pool Cue
$1, 000.00
Item#: CAM10
Canterbury Pechauer Camelot 10 Pool Cue
$1, 500.00
$1, 350.00
Item#: CAM11
Winchester Pechauer Camelot 11 Pool Cue
$2, 100.00
$1, 890.00
Item#: CAM12
Manchester Pechauer Camelot 12 Pool Cue
$2, 200.00
$1, 980.00