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OB Break Cues

The OB Break Cues are incorporates 4 sections of flat laminated maple joined together in our Quad Lam configuration for tremendous strength and stability. This unique construction coupled with our compound taper creates a cue that is both stiff and strong for extremely powerful breaks. The compound taper in the butt also provides more uniform thickness throughout the grip area for a consistent feel no matter where you hold the cue. The OB Break Shaft has a 13mm Hard Samsara Leather Tip. It also has a modified strong taper for maximum power. The technology inside the OB Break Shaft is identical to the OB-1 shaft which means that not only is the shaft powerful, it is also very accurate.


Item#: BKC
OB Black Break Cue


Item#: BBKC
OB Brown Break Cue


Item#: CWK
OB Cue Weight Kit