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Modern Series Pool Tables

Olhausen Pool Tables - Olhausen's modern line of tables integrates twentieth-century styling, which is characterized by simplicity of form, absence of decorative ornament, with an emphasis on functional concerns.

Olhausen Billiards is the industry leader in the design and production of modern pool tables today due to Olhausen Billiards state of the art facilities.

You'll earn $926.00

Item#: 046-213-08003-00A-04J
Maxim Olhausen Pool Table
$9, 260.00

You'll earn $424.20

Item#: 043-201-0G001-008-046
Monarch Olhausen Pool Table
$4, 242.00

You'll earn $685.80

Item#: 045-209-0G009-00A-046
Monterey Olhausen Pool Table
$6, 858.00

You'll earn $740.80

Item#: 044-213-08013-00A-24J
Plaza Olhausen Pool Table
$7, 408.00

You'll earn $681.00

Item#: 041-201-08001-118-05B
Sahara Olhausen Pool Table
$6, 810.00

You'll earn $985.80

Item#: 040-223-08023-108-A8K
Waterfall Olhausen Pool Table
$9, 858.00

You'll earn $461.80

Item#: 042-213-0G013-008-24E
York Olhausen Pool Table
$4, 618.00