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Lucasi Hybrid Cues

Lucasi knows how important your game is to you. So they have taken each part of the cue from the tip to the butt and then, through extensive testing, identified the best technologies that bring the highest performance to that part of the cue.

These technologies bring you more accuracy... greater ball control... a more solid hit... less vibration... reduced deflection... a smoother stroke... and an increased level of comfort. Your confidence will surge as you hit the ball harder... more accurately... and with more control than ever before. Discover all the remarkable technological innovations that are part of every Lucasi Hybrid. FEEL THE RUSH OF WINNING! ITS YOUR GAME...YOUR LUCASI!

You'll earn $24.50

Item#: LHF10
Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF10

You'll earn $39.50

Item#: LHF50
Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF50

You'll earn $23.00

Item#: LHF55
Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF55

You'll earn $35.00

Item#: LHF59
Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF59

You'll earn $46.50

Item#: LHF66
Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF66

You'll earn $31.30

Item#: LHF67
Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF67

You'll earn $50.00

Item#: LHF69
Lucasi Hybrid Fusion LHF69

You'll earn $17.30

Item#: LH10
Lucasi Hybrid L-H10

You'll earn $17.30

Item#: LH20
Lucasi Hybrid L-H20

You'll earn $17.30

Item#: LH30
Lucasi Hybrid L-H30

You'll earn $17.30

Item#: LH40
Lucasi Hybrid L-H40

You'll earn $17.30

Item#: LH50
Lucasi Hybrid L-H50

You'll earn $20.30

Item#: LH80
Lucasi Hybrid Laser Etched LH80 Pool Cue

You'll earn $20.30

Item#: LH83
Lucasi Hybrid Laser Etched LH83 Pool Cue

You'll earn $20.80

Item#: LHL10
Lucasi Hybrid Laser Etched LHL10

You'll earn $20.80

Item#: LHL20
Lucasi Hybrid Laser Etched LHL20

You'll earn $20.15

Item#: LHSP
Lucasi Hybrid Laser Etched LHSP

You'll earn $26.00

Item#: LHC97
Lucasi Hybrid LHC97 Pool Cue


Item#: LHF62
Lucasi Hybrid LHF62

You'll earn $64.75

Item#: LHLE7
Lucasi Hybrid Limited Edition LHLE7 Pool Cue
$1, 295.00
$1, 100.75

You'll earn $20.50

Item#: LHC90
Lucasi Hybrid Limited LHC90

You'll earn $20.50

Item#: LHC92
Lucasi Hybrid Limited LHC92

You'll earn $19.80

Item#: LHE10
Lucasi Hybrid Majestic LHE10

You'll earn $19.95

Item#: LHE20
Lucasi Hybrid Majestic LHE20

You'll earn $19.00

Item#: LHT88
Lucasi Mystic Black "The Hitman" Hybrid Pool Cue

You'll earn $19.00

Item#: LHT87
Lucasi Titanium White "The Hitman" Hybrid Pool Cue


Item#: LHSE1
Lucasi LHSE1 Limited Edition Pool Cue


Item#: LCSE1
Lucasi LCSE1 Limited Edition Pool Cue


Item#: LCSE2
Lucasi LCSE2 Limited Edition Pool Cue


Item#: LHSE2
Lucasi LHSE2 Limited Edition Pool Cue

How Do You Translate Your Raw Power Into Ultimate Ball Control?

Lucasi Cues teams up with leading golf engineers to bring you state-of-the-art technology for the most accurate playing cue on the market under $260!

There is a lot of time and practice involved in perfecting your accuracy on a traditional cue due to deflection. Lucasi Hybrid cues are specially engineered to eliminate this learning curve, improving your game by more than 50% instantly by keeping the ball true to its path, regardless of the amount of English you place on the ball.

Lucasi Hybrid’s patent-pending technologies combine a Zero Flex-Point™ ferrule, Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)™, G5 Grip Technology™ and the X-Shox Dampening System™ to give you a cue with unsurpassed accuracy and forgiveness that’s consistent no matter what – whether it’s a hard break or soft finesse shot.

Zero Flex-Point™ for True Accuracy

The Zero Flex-Point™ ferrule gives you dead-on accuracy by drastically reducing deflection through special polymer construction and a lightweight core.

TSC™ for Ultimatee Performance

Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)™ is a special 8-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, resulting in unmatched power and ultimate control.

X-Shox Dampening System™ for More Comfort

The X-Shox Dampening System™ features patent-pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap. X-Shox™ significantly reduces impact shock vibration by more that 27% compared to other cues on the market, making even your most powerful break easy on the arm.

G5 Grip Technology™ for Superior Stability

G5 Grip Technology™ boasts a distinctive “T” pattern that provides unprecedented traction and stability for increased ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, translating into less “English” on the ball.

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