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L Series Pool Tables

Olhausen Pool Tables - The Olhausen Laminates are an economic alternative to solid wood or veneer tables that offer the same playability. Laminates are hard-wearing and are resistant to marking, staining, and heat. This line of tables is a perfect entry-level priced table that plays like a professional level table.

You'll earn $291.50

Item#: 021-200-01001-000-14B
Drake II Olhausen Pool Table
$2, 915.00

You'll earn $277.80

Item#: 022-200-01301-000-147
Reno Olhausen Pool Table
$2, 778.00

You'll earn $267.60

Item#: 020-200-01300-010-143
Sheraton Olhausen Pool Table
$2, 676.00