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Jump Cues

Eliminates those hooked hard to hit kick and bank shots. We offer a wide variety of jump cues from Predator, Jacoby, Mezz, and Poison.

You'll earn $9.95

Item#: PAIR_2
Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue


Item#: OBJL
OB Lift Jump Cue


Item#: OBJLP
OB Lift PRO Jump Cue


Item#: PGJ
PoolGods Jump Cue


Item#: WJC
Tiger Wings Jump Cue

You'll earn $4.25

Item#: E-JC
Players Exotic Jump Cue EJC


Jacoby Medium Stained Extension Jump Cue


Item#: JJCBR
Jacoby Medium Stained Jump Cue


Item#: JJCE
Jacoby Natural Extension Jump Cue


Item#: JJC
Jacoby Natural Jump Cue

You'll earn $17.00

Pechauer Black Jump Cue

You'll earn $15.00

Item#: PSJMP
Pechauer Natural Jump Cue


Item#: BJCS
Bunjee Jump Case

You'll earn $19.75

Item#: ADK
Mezz Airdrive Jump Cue

You'll earn $12.25

Item#: ASK
Mezz ASK Air Shooter Jump Cue


Item#: G5
Jester G-5 Laucher Jump Cue


Item#: LHAH5
Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Jump Cue


Item#: L2000JC
Lucasi L-2000JC Jump Cue

You'll earn $22.50

Item#: PUNCH
Viking Punch Jump Cue

You'll earn $5.45

Item#: VX-JMP-G
Poison VX JMP Grey Jump Cue

You'll earn $5.45

Item#: VX-JMP-R
Poison VX JMP Red Jump Cue

You'll earn $5.00

Item#: AT1
Stealth AT-1 Jump Cue

You'll earn $5.00

Bunjee Butterfly Points Jump Cue

You'll earn $4.00

Item#: BJ-E
Bunjee Ebony Jump Cue

You'll earn $4.00

Item#: BJ-BEEP
Bunjee Ebony Point Jump Cue

You'll earn $5.00

Bunjee Rengas / Thin Maple Points Jump Cue

You'll earn $4.00

Item#: BJ-R-WR
Bunjee Rosewood With Wrap Jump Cue

You'll earn $4.90

Item#: 99531
Cuetec 99531 Jump Cue

You'll earn $8.00

Item#: 13-684
Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue

You'll earn $4.45

Item#: OLJMP
OLJMP Outlaw Jump Cue

You'll earn $3.95

Elite Rosewood Jump Cue

Jump Break Cues - Jump Cues

Jump Cues - Jump Break Cues

The Break

The most important shot in pool.

With the proper break, your can be assured the best chance at running out.

You need the power to go into the rack and create the maximum movement of balls from the most power to the rack. Maximum movement equals pocketed balls. Once balls are pocketed off the break, you are assured that your opponent does not get to the table. With a Powerful break, you will also be assured that you have a greatly spread rack from which to start your run. Run Out percentages go up considerably if there are no or few clusters of balls to circumvent your runouts. Whether it be nine ball or eight ball, the Break is crucial.

The cue manufacturers have realized this and have come up with cues specifically manufactured for the break. Today's break cues are no longer "just" another cue so you don't ruin your tip from the power of the Break. Today's Break cues are specifically designed for breaking and exerting as much power as possible into the rack for the best results. The Break cues listed in this section are what we consider the best on the market to help you create a powerful break.

Jump Cues

Jump cues have risen in popularity over the past couple of years. Manufactures have strived to create a cue specifically designed to jump over impeding balls. No longer are you at your opponents mercy when it comes to his lucky roll or weak safety. Now opponents better lock any safety against a ball or the technology today will enable you to not only get the hit on the object ball, but in a high percentage of instances, actually make the object ball. Jump Cues today will enable the shooter to use english while jumping, do stop shots, draw shots, and even a jump masse shots. If you have not yet invested in a good jump cue, maybe now is the time to do so...Your opponent probably has.