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Billiard Supplies

Billiard Supplies available through Seybert's include pool cue tips such as Kamui, Moori, Tiger, Talisman and many more with a wide variety of cue and shaft care products from Q Clean to RX Cue Doctor and tip tools for tip maintenance on your pool cues and shafts with many other accessories you need to bring your game every time.

Predator - Poison Gloves

predator pool cue and poison pool cue gloves. Get increased shot control with the friction - free billiards glove that Encourages a smooth, steady stoke when the heat of the game is on.
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Sir Joseph Gloves

Pool and Billiard Gloves allow you to have a smooth stroke always with no need for messy powders. Sir Joseph billiard gloves are for all billiard players, men or women, amateurs or professionals. Get a smooth even stroke everytime with a...
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Billiard Gloves

Variety of gloves available at in different colors and sizes
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Break / Jump Tips

Billiard tips for breaking and jumping. Phenolic, Tiger, White Diamond, Kamui, and more. The most sought after tips are available at Seyberts. We also install tips and offer same day shipping.
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Tip Tools

Pool cue tip tools and tip maintenance accessories for maintaining your cue tip shape, texture and cue chalk adhering properties. Tip tools to aid in changing your pool cue tips. Seybert's Billiard...
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Shaft Care

We offer a variety of cue and shaft cleaning products to help keep your cue looking and feeling like new. Highly recommended RX Cue Doctor products and Q Clean Care Kits save you time and money!
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Pool Cue Bridges

Pool cue bridges give you give you that extra reach for those hard to reach shots. Seybert?s Billiard Supply offers top brands such as Tiger, Corona and a large selection of others.
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Cue Care Kits

Whether you are re-tipping your cue or cleaning it, we carry the most trusted and used products available. Also check out our "how to" videos on our front page for more information on certain kits.
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Joint Protectors

Joint protectors will protect the only moving part on your cue... The Joint. Joint Protectors protect the pin of the cue butt from any accidental side pressure blows, keeping your cue pin straight and true so preserve the accuracy and...
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Chalk Holders

Never lose your chalk again with one of these chalk holder. Seyberts carries a large variety of top brands including Diamond Back, Joe Porper, Tip Pik and many more.
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Cue Holders

Seyberts Billiard Supply offers a wide range of pool cue holders to help you keep your expensive pool cue safe. Seyberts offers top brands such as Joe Porper, Q Claw, and many more.
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Cue Extensions

Need a little extra reach? Then why not try one of the top brand cue extensions Seyberts Billiard Supply offers. From the trusted Tony Ryan to the newest Balance Rite. We have the one you need to make the shot.
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Misc. Cue Supplies

Misc. Pool cue supplies for those item that are a must have but just don't fall into any other catagory.
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