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Billiard Supplies

Billiard Supplies available through Seybert's include pool cue tips such as Kamui, Moori, Tiger, Talisman and many more with a wide variety of cue and shaft care products from Q Clean to RX Cue Doctor and tip tools for tip maintenance on your pool cues and shafts with many other accessories you need to bring your game every time.

Billiard Chalk

Seyberts offers a large selection of billiard cue chalk in different colors to match your table....
Assorted Billiard Chalk
Kamui Chalk
Master Chalk
Triangle Chalk

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Billiard Gloves

Billiard and Pool Gloves come in many different sizes and colors. We offer a wide variety from...
Predator - Poison Gloves
Sir Joseph Gloves
Assorted Billiard Gloves

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Cue Tips

Pool Cue tips like Moori, Kamui, Talisman, Tiger and other top name pool cue tips are offered...
Play Tips
Break / Jump Tips

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Tip Tools

Pool cue tip tools and tip maintenance accessories for maintaining...
Ultimate Tip Tool
Porper Cut Rite
Porper Cut Rite Blades
Porper Tip Burnisher

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Shaft Care

We offer a variety of cue and shaft cleaning products to help keep your cue looking and feeling...
Q Clean Cue Shaft Cleaner
Q Glide
Cue Silk
Q Slick

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Pool Cue Bridges

Pool cue bridges give you give you that extra reach for those hard to reach shots. Seybert?s...
Tiger Corona Bridge
Brianna Portable Bridge
Moose Head Bridge
Short Brass Bridge

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Cue Care Kits

Whether you are re-tipping your cue or cleaning it, we carry the most trusted and used products...
Deluxe Tip Replacement Kit
Tip Kit
Shaft Clean Care Kit
RX Cue Doctor Kit

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Chalk Holders

Never lose your chalk again with one of these chalk holder. Seyberts carries a large variety of...
Joe Porper Quick Draw
Joe Porper Pocket Chalker
Rubber Chalk Holder
Ultimate Chalker

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Cue Holders

Seyberts Billiard Supply offers a wide range of pool cue holders to help you keep your expensive...
Q Clip 2 Place Cue Holder
Seybert's 3 Place Cue Clip
Seybert's 4 Place Cue Clip
Joe Porper's 2 Cue Holder

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Cue Extensions

Need a little extra reach? Then why not try one of the top brand cue extensions Seyberts Billiard...
Cue Reach
Tony Ryan Cue Extention - Oak
Tony Ryan Cue Extention - Black
Longoni Cue Extension With Case

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Misc. Cue Supplies

Misc. Pool cue supplies for those item that are a must have but just don't fall into any other...
Rubber Pool Cue Grip
Bunjee Jump Case
Cue and Shaft Hanger
Velcro Case Strap Wide

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